Saturday, July 30, 2011

catching a hummer

Earlier this year, I held a hummingbird in my hand after rescuing her from our workshop. That was easier for me to do than capturing a good photograph....those little guys move too fast for me.
Last evening was an impromptu session after running into the house to grab my camera to take a photo of a fox who was strolling up one of our field paths.
The fox moved on without getting his photo taken (and without grabbing one of our guineas....phew!) but I am easily distracted so settled on trying to capture a hummingbird photo instead.
The session strengthened my resolve to get better photos today. But alas, it's raining today so I'll have to be patient. Something tells me that patience will be key to getting an excellent hummer photo.


Vickie LeBlanc said...

These pictures look pretty perfect to me. Lovely.

Janet said...

The pics are great, Sara!

We have two hummingbirds gorging on our hostas lining our patio. I sit and watch while they hover mere feet away always thinking I should get my camera! But I don't want to break the spell. They are beautiful birds.