Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cape St. Mary's

On Friday we headed down to Yarmouth...a 2 1/2 hour that I could have an MRI done on my shoulder...we have been waiting 3 months for this MRI.
Afterwards, we drove back home along the north shore...also known as the French Coast. Our first photo stop was Cape St. Mary's.
The last time we were there it was December...a little colder...but just as dreary and foggy.
My brain was just as foggy as the weather....thanks to the drugs I took prior to the MRI!
I'll post a few more photos from Cape St. Mary's tomorrow.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

catching a hummer

Earlier this year, I held a hummingbird in my hand after rescuing her from our workshop. That was easier for me to do than capturing a good photograph....those little guys move too fast for me.
Last evening was an impromptu session after running into the house to grab my camera to take a photo of a fox who was strolling up one of our field paths.
The fox moved on without getting his photo taken (and without grabbing one of our guineas....phew!) but I am easily distracted so settled on trying to capture a hummingbird photo instead.
The session strengthened my resolve to get better photos today. But alas, it's raining today so I'll have to be patient. Something tells me that patience will be key to getting an excellent hummer photo.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

impromptu picnic

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We are a couple of the most fortunate people around, because usually we have no plans or obligations. Yesterday that meant an impromptu picnic at Western Head.
Picnic with the dogs at Western Head
I packed a quick picnic in the cooler, and we took the dogs (of course!). We drove the quick route down the 103 to Liverpool.
view down the other way
Our picnic included shrimp and cocktail sauce for dipping, bbq'd salmon leftovers spread on crackers, olives, pickled eggs, and coke for John, crystal light for me...if the picnic was closer to home it would have been wine :)
I always love the sound of the waves
We meandered down the back roads towards home and stopped in a couple locations for me to take photographs.
loved the colour of the ropes - West Berlin Wharf
Sometimes the best days are unplanned.
Fishing sheds at the West Berlin Wharf
East Berlin - see the fly by? - caught a bird in the photo and didn't realize it...looks like a dust speck!

Birds at East Berlin

in the garden

The flower garden is flourishing. I love the colour of this astilbe.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Window Display

The Growing Green Festival was held in Bridgewater on Saturday. Friday evening was spent at the library hanging windows. Well...John hung windows...and I stood around and watched.
Then someone came along and suggested that one of the windows might be seen better in another location. John...being the wise man that he is...said nothing...climbed back up on the desk to remove the recently hung window...and rehung it in a new location.
The Festival is over, but the windows will be hanging in the library for 5 weeks.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bear River and windows

This photo was taken in Bear River...we took a little trip there last Sunday (after stopping in Bridgetown to see our granddaughter compete in a swim meet). As you might have guessed from my stained glass "window art"....I love old windows!
These windows are on a very tiny little building on main street. The village of Bear River has a population of 800 people, and is nestled in a ravine. Many of the buildings are on stilts, because Bear River rises and falls with the tides....25 feet....twice a day. It has a very artsy community. If I didn't like the South Shore so much, I might be tempted to move there. You can see a charming video about Bear River by clicking on this link.

Tomorrow afternoon John and I will be heading to the Bridgewater Library to help hang 3 of my windows for the Growing Green Festival. There was an article about the festival in the local paper this week. You can read about it at this link.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

flowers at sunset

Take a spectacular sunset....

...and add a garden full of flowers...
...and I was out there with my camera...

....until the sun went down.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

for dragonfly lovers

Seems I am on a dragonfly kick these days. Did you know that dragonflies only live 24 hours? (I didn't). You can't afford to have a bad day if you're a dragonfly. Update: seems I was passed along incorrect info. Dragonfiles actually live much can read about their life cycle by clicking this link.
Here is my latest work in progress...still lots of drying to do so the glue clears up. Once it has a chance to dry, I'll add some grout. Stay tuned.
a work in progress
All blues and greens, with a little bit of clear glass thrown in (embossed with flowers).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summerville Beach

As I mentioned yesterday, we visited Summerville Centre on Sunday afternoon, and had a lovely meal at The Quarterdeck Grill. You just can't ask for a better location. Here are the views from the restaurant. We were literally right over the ocean. View to the left: (looking eastward)
a fine view to dine by
And here is the view directly underneath us...the tide was coming in while we ate, and these rocks were covered by ocean by the time we finished lunch:
we ate just above the ocean floor
And here is the view to the right, looking westward....Summerville Beach is a mile long beach of soft white sand:
Summerville Beach...a mile of white sand
Looking for somewhere to stay when you visit Nova Scotia? Consider these villas:
the villas are available to rent daily or weekly, in season and off season
We took a tour inside one of the 2 level, 2 bedroom suites. All I can say is "gorgeous". And I must add that I have not been paid (or received any compensation) to blog about this!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

rock on

I mentioned my $5 rocking chair auction purchase in yesterday's post, but I didn't post a photo. (this one's for you Janet!)
rocking chair auction purchase -  $5!
It's a little rough, but I plan to use it in Purgatory (our screened in porch) or up in my studio.
the back is a little beat up
I have been pondering whether to leave it as is (perhaps varathaning the arms...I love the worn look and sense of history the worn arms give) or whether to sand and paint it.
it came with a foam seat, but I threw it out and will replace it
I'm not much of a refinisher (I hate doing it!) but I will replace the foam seat. I left the original seat at the the dumpster. It was pretty awful. We have some foam at home and sewing up a new cover will be an easy job for me.
so....leave it as is or paint it?

it was some good

Sunday was a glorious sunny day, and Miss M had a hankering to go searching for sand dollars. We headed to Carter's Beach...the only beach I know that guarantees a sand dollar find every time.
Afterwards, we took a short drive to Summerville Centre, and tried out the restaurant at the resort. (I'll try to post some photos of the restaurant shortly).
Wow. Good food. Good company. Good weather. Good scenery.
It was some good. (a local'll have to come visit Nova Scotia to appreciate it....the scenery...and the expression!)

Monday, July 11, 2011

auction adventures

Saturday was a day where everyone did their own thing. John's son, G, dropped our granddaughter Miss M off at our house and G went target shooting. DIL had to spend the day working in "the big city". John and Miss M spent the day at home. And what did I do? I went to the auction. Not just one auction...but two of them! I started off at an indoor auction...a wise choice since Mother Nature finally decided it was time for some rain. But after 45 minutes, I decided it was time to brave the weather and head out for a nearby outdoor auction. I spent a few hours taking shelter in a farm shed, and watching the auction unfold. I had my eyes on a couple of items, but I forgot to bring my cheque book so figured I'd be out of luck (cash or cheque only please!). My first score was a wooden rocking chair for $5. Yes. Five dollars. Fist pump! I did a little dance of joy in my head.

My second score was a wooden swing for $25. Yes. Twenty Five Dollars! Big dance of joy (this time not in my head).

Whoops. Problem. How to get the swing home? Solution: drive back home, recruit John, G, and Miss M, and head back to the auction. (and worry, worry, worry the whole drive back that the swing is not going to fit onto our trailer!) With the help of a couple of other men, John and G loaded the swing on our trailer. Et Voila, here she is....after arrival at the homestead safe and sound. and sound!
We put her in place on Sunday with the help of G and DIL.
the swing was put in place on Sunday, a glorious sunny day
You just never know what I'll come home with after a day at the auction...or what kind of adventure auctioning will bring.
photo courtesy of DIL, who joined us after she finished work on Saturday
Isn't she a thing of beauty?
looking out at the swing from the back deck
And did I mention that I paid $25????

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Growing Green

I was very happy to hear that 3 of my windows have been selected, under a jury process, to be part of the artwork displayed at the upcoming Growing Green! Festival in Bridgewater. They were originally going to accept one piece of artwork from each successful applicant, but have decided to take all 3 of my submissions.
The festival runs from 8:30 to 12:30 on Saturday July 23rd, but all of my windows will be hanging in the library from July 23rd through August 26th. The festival celebrates learning to live within the Earth's means. My windows fall under the festival's criteria since I am "recycling" the windows to use as my canvasses.
This window will be part of the's still drying, so you can still see the will dry clear. I left the background in-fill or grout on this a sample that sometimes it's better to "keep it simple". I sanded the frame, but left it "shabby chic" and will give the frame a protective coat of varathane.
I have been debating about whether or not to etch a saying on the window. The words I came up with are: "The magic of a garden soothes the soul."

Something is telling me not to add the saying, but I keep going back to take a look at the window, so I'm still debating.

Monday, July 4, 2011

a weekend of touring

We had the most excellent weekend! Canada Day was celebrated with family in the small town of New Germany...nothing like a small town parade...BBQ'd sausages...and an ox pull. Back home to the dogs for a family BBQ.
Upper Blandford
Saturday's original plans were changed, but we were up early so headed off to the Farmer's Market in Hubbards. We followed this by a tour around the Aspotogan Penninsula. I really enjoy this drive, and we try to visit a couple of times each year. The smell of the wild roses was amazing!
Upper Blandford
We stopped at Bayswater Beach and took the dogs for a walk. It was an odd mixture of sun and fog.
Bayswater Beach
After our tour of the Aspotogan, we headed in to G and DIL's place, and had a wonderful afternoon and evening "at the lake".
Bayswater Beach
We stayed over, and then headed out on Sunday to the Eastern Shore and Musquodoboit Harbour. We dropped off 3 of my windows to sell at The Tourist Trap. This is my first venture into selling through a shop....keep your fingers crossed for me!