Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love From Me Update

The Love From Me Project is coming along nicely. The book has been available for sale for a couple of months (available for preview and/or purchase here), and I just heard recently that Blurb.com has approved the book for the "Blurb For Good" program. This means that Blurb will donate an additional $1 for every book sold to our charity of choice. As I mentioned before, all funds raised from this project are donated to the Rose Fund, a registered charity set up through the South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. I sent our first donation a few weeks ago....$600.
some of the cards availabe at www.lovefromme.etsy.com
This is the third year I have organized an Art Book Project to fund raise for cancer charity....my way of giving back. Of course, this year, with my breast cancer diagnosis and treatments, my reasons for doing it are a lot closer to my heart. As part of the project, the 61 artists were invited to have their images from the book printed on greeting cards. Thirty two artists decided to participate, with 33 images available on greeting cards.

Each artist paid for the printing of their own cards, and they received 17 cards for themselves. Eight cards were kept by me and they are now available for purchase online (www.lovefromme.etsy.com) . Since the artists paid for the printing, ALL proceeds from each sale are donated to the Rose Fund (less shipping costs) .
32 artists participated in the greeting card project - 33 images available
There is one phase left for the project. I'll be designing wall calendars and they will be available later in the year...a perfect gift for Christmas. I'll continue to update the Love From Me blog with profiles of the participating artists throughout the year. If you are a facebook fan, why don't "like" our project? Click here for the link.
this is my card ... "Hear Your Dreams"

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