Saturday, April 16, 2011


John reminded me that today is our anniversary....not the usual kind of anniversary people celebrate. Eight years ago we survived this: A transport truck jackknifed and came down on top of our van. John spent a few days in the trauma unit. It was during the SARS epidemic, so I wasn't allowed in to see him for the first 24 hours. It took many months (years) of recuperating for John. I wasn't hurt, and thankfully no one else was with us. Why do we celebrate? We consider ourselves so very lucky that we survived. And it's a good reminder to enjoy life now, cuz you just never know what's around the corner.


Heather T. said...

Oh my, Sara!! Look at that driver's side; it's crushed. What a blessing that your husband made it through. Amazing that you weren't hurt in the process.

How scary it must have been, and to have to go through 24 hours without being able to see him....

Happy Anniversary of Survival....for this and every day ahead ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
We love you!

Karen said...


Happy Anniversary!!!!