Sunday, April 17, 2011

feeling sheepish

This will be our fourth spring in Nova Scotia. One of my spring traditions is to stop at the red barn at the end of our road and photograph the lambs. They are so, so cute....I just love them and never tire of taking their photos.A few weeks ago, I started to notice some changes at the red barn. The door was closed, and stayed closed. For the three years we have lived here, the doorway has always been open, and usually had a sheep standing in it. (it has been a personal mission of mine to get a good photo of a sheep in this doorway, but could never get the lights and darks balanced correctly).Then came the day that the field was plowed, and the farm gate leading to the road was left open. No sheep.Every time we passed by, there was that closed door and opened gate and no sheep.The hard truth hit home when our neighbour told me that the red barn people sold all their sheep. And that means...
I'll have to stray farther afield to get my lamb fix this year!


Nancy said...

No lambs?! So sad. You take such beautiful photos of them.

Anonymous said...

We'll miss seeing them as we drive up the road : (