Thursday, April 28, 2011

Signs of Spring

The daffodils popped open today. We've had lots of gloomy skies and rain...still gloomy today, but very mild.I planted garlic in the fall....we are trying to grow it for the first time...tired of the grocery stores carrying only imports from China. We do pick it up at the farmer's markets when we can, but it will be nice to have our own harvest. Fingers crossed.Another sign of spring...ticks have arrived. Our guineas have been released from their coop and have been put to work. We started with seven on Sunday. I put them inside every night, on our afternoon walk to pick up the mail I found a large pile of feathers. Our white guinea (one of the 2 females we had) met with an unfortunate end today. Two others are missing. Here's hoping they are in hiding and will reappear before sundown. Seems our resident hawk had a tasty meal today (or perhaps a coyote or fox?)

Ah....the joys of spring.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From My Backyard

Our photo club had a "Sight and Sound" Essay competition last night. I had a tough time with preparing this one...too much going on last year to take many photos. But...I thought you might enjoy some photos from my own backyard. Here it is...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Window WIP

Last summer we went on a little trip up the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. One of our stops was the "Tourist Trap" in Musquodoboit Harbour. We got to talking with the owner and the chef after our meal, and I showed the owner a picture of my window art. She handed me window and told me to make one for her and drop it off sometime. We warned her it would be a year or more before we got back that way, but that was of no matter....that's the way things are here.

So I've been working on the window for the past few days. Here is the design laid out, but not glued yet. I spent this afternoon gluing everything. Next step is the "infill", and then grouting.
The colours look a little dull here, but they are bright yellow and a bluish/purple...nice and cheerful. Any ideas what to call this one?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

feeling sheepish

This will be our fourth spring in Nova Scotia. One of my spring traditions is to stop at the red barn at the end of our road and photograph the lambs. They are so, so cute....I just love them and never tire of taking their photos.A few weeks ago, I started to notice some changes at the red barn. The door was closed, and stayed closed. For the three years we have lived here, the doorway has always been open, and usually had a sheep standing in it. (it has been a personal mission of mine to get a good photo of a sheep in this doorway, but could never get the lights and darks balanced correctly).Then came the day that the field was plowed, and the farm gate leading to the road was left open. No sheep.Every time we passed by, there was that closed door and opened gate and no sheep.The hard truth hit home when our neighbour told me that the red barn people sold all their sheep. And that means...
I'll have to stray farther afield to get my lamb fix this year!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


John reminded me that today is our anniversary....not the usual kind of anniversary people celebrate. Eight years ago we survived this: A transport truck jackknifed and came down on top of our van. John spent a few days in the trauma unit. It was during the SARS epidemic, so I wasn't allowed in to see him for the first 24 hours. It took many months (years) of recuperating for John. I wasn't hurt, and thankfully no one else was with us. Why do we celebrate? We consider ourselves so very lucky that we survived. And it's a good reminder to enjoy life now, cuz you just never know what's around the corner.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

red rubber boots

"Well my wardrobe, it used to be duller But now I've got this one splash of colour I've got red rubber boots and I'm gonna go steppin tonight!" - from Phineas and Ferb I've wanted red rubber boots for AGES, and saw a pair in Annapolis Royal when we were touring with our friends Jack and Karen from Ontario last September. But...they didn't have my size.Look what the courier brought me today...thanks to Jack & Karen! I'm going to try not to feel guilty them when I'm schlepping around the farm wearing these babies! Aren't they fun?

How can a person feel gloomy doing chores wearing these?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

back to normal (again)

This is what I got to see this morning on my very early outing with the dogs. Sometimes we are up so early the owls are still hooting. I always grumble to myself (the only one who listens at that time of day!) when I roll out of bed, but am thankful when I get to experience mornings like this. It has been a hectic week, with no time for photography or window art. We have been visited daily by the VON after John's knee surgery and last Thursday's nurse told us we should go to emergency because she didn't like the look of John's leg. The next day, he was re-admitted into the Kentville hospital (remember that 1 1/2 hour drive I was talking about?). Friday afternoon, he had an emergency surgery to deal with infection and hematomas. He was in the hospital over the weekend, and got sprung again on Monday. So things are now slowly getting back to normal again. But I have a confession to make... I'm looking forward to John's leg getting healed because: 1. it's been a long time since we danced together and 2. I miss having my lunches and suppers prepared for me! (I think I might have mentioned before what a lucky gal I am!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love From Me book

I have been working on a special project ( over the last few weeks. With the help of 60 artists who contributed photographs and artwork, I put together a book using their donated images, and it looks pretty spectacular if I do say so myself!

All proceeds from the sale of these books are donated to The Rose Fund c/o The South Shore Regional Hospital. The Rose Fund is a registered charity that helps cancer patients who face financial difficulties as a result of dealing with their cancer treatments. Speaking from personal experience, I know how expensive the drugs are to buy! Not to mention, the driving back and forth for treatments, etc, etc. We are so very lucky that we can afford to deal with everything without help. It is my hope that selling these books will help some people who aren't as lucky as I am.

Take a look...let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the long and not so winding road

My daily drive to the hospital in Kentville has ended....John is home! Much to our surprise, he was released yesterday after 3 days...the earliest release they do after a total knee replacement. No more drives on roads like this:Don't get me wrong, the drive is lovely. The roads are not. Nova Scotia roads are not great at the best of times, but spring brings many many potholes. Good thing I have a travel companion keeping her eyes on the road!(never fear, I did not take these photos while driving! I was safely pulled over to the side of the road with flashers on). So...John is home and heavily drugged. VON comes in daily to change the dressing on his knee (and I will be forever thankful that I don't have to do that myself!). Physio at the Bridgewater hospital starts tomorrow...only a 20 minute drive. Woo hoo!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

early mornings and lots of driving

One good thing about having a puppy is getting up early in the morning and going get to see moments like this....Another special photo.... Here is my man...and he has no facial hair! Only one time in the 20+ years I have known him, has he shaved his face free of all hair. This time was at the request of an anesthesiologist...he said that not having facial hair would make it easier on them during John's operation.Yes...we are at the hospital again for a period of time...this time for John. He had a total knee replacement on Friday and will be in the hospital until next Tuesday or Wednesday. After that, there will be four to six weeks of intense physio. And after will be my turn again. I damaged my arm in a fall late January. It turns out I have a slightly seperated shoulder as well as a damaged rotator cuff. I am on the wait list for an orthopedic surgeon and MRI. And the news I found out today from my family doctor? (yes, a doctor who works on Saturdays!) They repair damaged rotator cuffs with surgery! Yikes. This will be my fifth surgery in 2 1/2 years. Really. I've had enough now. Really! But, for now we focus on John. The hospital is 1 1/2 hours away, so my day involves looking after dogs and driving to and from the hospital. Tomorrow I have a very important date. I'm having lunch with my man in the hospital...he in his bed eating "room service" food, and me by his side eating lunch from the hosptial cafeteria. Now that's what I call a hot date.