Thursday, March 3, 2011

This and That

Some flowers to brighten your day....they brightened my day when I received them :)The trouble with someone giving me flowers is that I spend a lot of time taking pictures of them (the flowers...not the flower givers).This week has been a little overwhelming for me. Thankfully I have some very understanding friends who graciously agreed to postpone my celebration get togethers until I feel up to it.Today is my first day of physio therapy at the local hospital (thankfully, driving to Halifax is not required). I didn't mention it before, but I had a bad trip & fall five days before my radiation started. I didn't break anything, but damaged my deltoid (sp?) muscle...which is going to require physio to repair. Oh joy.But the good news is that I've been doing exercises for the past 4 weeks and my arm is much, much better than it was (I thought for a couple of days that it was paralyzed...I could move it, but only by using my other arm to move the damaged arm around)And more good news...Riley is fitting in nicely to her new home with us. She is full of spunk and curiosity. (we'll forget about the frustrating times outside in the cold and dark waiting for her to do her business!) She is a bundle of energy, and fun to have around.Other good Love From Me Project is progressing nicely. I am currently in the midst of contacting all the artists and will start putting the art book together next week (or perhaps the week after that).

And one final thing that makes me very happy....take a listen to the song on the link below. I heard this on CBC radio yesterday on the Q program. It made me stop in my tracks. What a voice! She's only 22 years old and this song is so powerful it gave me shivers. Take a listen to Rolling in the Deep by Adele:


Loth said...

If we are not related, we should be! I have had that song on repeat in my car for the past month - love it!

Patchmaker said...

Isn't Adele amazing! I heard her on Q for the first time yesterday too! Glad to hear Riley is fitting in. There's nothing like a puppy to help perk a person up.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

The flowers are so cheerful, just what we need as we march into the rest of Farch! Feel better, Sara, I hold you in my thoughts most every day.