Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wanted: Humour

Or, as they write in the US....Humor.

My next challenge at the local photo club is a category called "Humour". The scorekeeper says the humour line, and then the photo is shown and scored by the judges.

My sense of humour is a little lacking. I don't like email jokes...I think they're a waste of time. I can't tell a joke to save my soul. I go for cornball humour big time. (I blame my dad for's how I was raised!)
So...can anyone come up with a good (and short) punch line for this guy? Here's a close up of his face:
Come on...make me laugh...I dare you!


Emily said...

What did the grasshopper say when he hit the windshield?

Man, I wish I had enough guts to do that again!

:) That's one of my 5th Graders favorites...

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

"Gasp! Harold, why didn't you tell me I was still wearing my Xmas antenna!"

Janet said...

I'm not very good with jokes, either - and it's 8 in the morning, so don't judge me:

Grasshopper Pick-up Line: I only have eyes for you!

Emily and Sandy - good job :)

Judy said...

Blog-hopper danger

or something like that.
Glad you're half-way through your treatments.Terific that you had a visit with Cody

Christine said...

"Didn't your Mother ever teach you that it's not polite to stare?"

"Pilates did wonders for my legs"

"I only have eyes for you!"

Geez, I'm just not funny today! lol

Karen Alexander said...

Happy St. Patrick's day, walking home after 5 green beers, not so happy!

NancyMac said...

Ok!Ok! SO! A lady bug, a dung beetle and a grasshopper walk into a bar...