Saturday, February 26, 2011

New beginnings

For the past six months we have been worrying about mammograms, biopsies, two surgeries, pathologist's reports, and radiation. The story isn't over yet...for the next couple of weeks I'll be dealing with side effects of radiation...and for the next 5 years I'll be taking a drug called arimidex.'s time for new beginnings and to start living and enjoying what life has to offer. Please meet the new addition to our family: Riley...a 4 month old Wheaten Terrier. She bravely faced a more than 2 hour drive through gale force winds and blinding rain last night to arrive at an unknown home and face her adopted sister Mulligan (who was NOT impressed to see the new arrival).Today she is spunky and doing well at the housebreaking routine. And Mulligan (being the kind, gentle old soul she is) has accepted the new addition with grace. After all, who could resist this face?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The end is near

I haven't been blogging much, but not to worry....I have been feeling great....radiation treatments have been going well...and guess what???Today is our last day for treatments! Yep...number 16 of 16. After today, we will not have to spend 5 hours a day driving into Halifax...sitting in a waiting room...and driving back home. I disliked commuting in my working days, and that attitude hasn't changed. But...we have been lucky with the weather....and more than lucky with my treatments.

Despite the warnings of side effects, I have been blessed with only mild reactions. I feel tired easily...I have felt absolutely exhausted a few times (solved with a nap)...and I have a weird rash (that the doctor has never seen as a radiation reaction before). I think the rash was caused by the aloe vera (I was told to use aloe to counteract the skin burning that radiation causes).

So, after this afternoon's treatment we celebrate. We were planning on a nice dinner out to celebrate, but our plans changed. Stay tuned for more details.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Man At Work

Or is it play???

We finally settled on the right tractor for us...a Kubota with back hoe! I foresee some major landscaping if we ever get rid of this snow. In the meantime, our half mile drive will get some attention!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let It Snow....not!

By this time of year, I am fed up with winter and more than ready to think about grass, birds singing, warm sun...

But it's still winter and we still have LOTS of snow and cold. Here is a window I made in January..."Let it snow".I used a window from a home renovation in Beach Meadows, Nova Scotia. (left with a "free" sign at the side of their barn). This window is textured glass. When the sun shines through the window, the snowflakes sparkle with the textured glass coming from behind.The snowflakes are blue, white, and mauve. I've engraved "Let it snow" using a dremel. I forgot to take measurments, but it's probably about 30 inches square.

I haven't had time for glass cutting and window making for the past few weeks...all our time has been taken up with travelling for the radiation treatments. But today we get an unexpected free radiation while they do repairs to the I'll be in my studio this afternoon with the heat cranked and the music loud! Time to create.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wanted: Humour

Or, as they write in the US....Humor.

My next challenge at the local photo club is a category called "Humour". The scorekeeper says the humour line, and then the photo is shown and scored by the judges.

My sense of humour is a little lacking. I don't like email jokes...I think they're a waste of time. I can't tell a joke to save my soul. I go for cornball humour big time. (I blame my dad for's how I was raised!)
So...can anyone come up with a good (and short) punch line for this guy? Here's a close up of his face:
Come on...make me laugh...I dare you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wrapped in support

A wonderful package arrived in the mail last week...a hand knit scarf made with alpaca yarn.It was from a blogger friend, Jennifer, that I "met" several years ago. Jennifer no longer blogs...we lost her to Facebook (gasp). But we still keep in touch now and then. She taught herself to knit a couple of years ago...and now I'm a beneficiary of her talents!
When I sent an email to Jennifer to thank her, she replied "My intention was that you feel wrapped in support and strength and love and hope and healing when you wear the scarf."
I mean, really, how can a girl feel sorry for herself with such good friends in her life? Thanks Jennifer!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Family Love

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that we were picking Cody up at the airport...but in fact, it was just yesterday that his visit was finished and we were dropping him off for his flight back to Toronto. Watching him walk through the security gates and not knowing when we would see him again was a very sad moment for me. It seems like just a couple of years ago that I was tying his shoes and holding his hand. Now he towers over us and lifts me off the ground when he hugs me. He has his own life that we just know snippets about. But I'm a fiercely proud momma bear and know we have raised a "fine young man" (as my father used to say). It was so great to see him last week. Here is the Nova Scotia crew:(from left to right) Cody, G, DIL, Miss M, John, me, Mulligan

Mom and her "baby":Cody came with us for all the radiation treatments while he was here....not so fun for him, but great for me. Today was treatment #8. We're half way now! Woo hoo!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Best Medicine

Our son Cody arrived from Toronto...the very best medicine a woman could ask for.After all, who wouldn't be cheered up by this face?
Five of 16 radiation treatments are done...11 to go....

Friday, February 4, 2011

After The Snow

Well, we didn't beat the storm on Wednesday afternoon and had a wild and woolly ride into Halifax. But we arrived safe and sound, and thankfully didn't pass any accidents along the way. I think that drive goes into my top 3 worst drives of all time. Thursday morning we were up early, and headed downtown for my appointment with the medical oncologist. A few hours later was my first radiation treatment. We arrived back home yesterday afternoon, to find 1 1/2 feet of new snow, a freshly plowed driveway (prearranged before we left), and 2 foot drifts on the pathway to the door. A short while later, John had the walkway shovelled enough to get in the door and we were snug at home with a fire blazing in the wood stove. It's good to be home.
the Christmas Cactus is in bloom again
Today's appointment is not until 5:15 pm, which gives us most of the day at home but cuts into the wild Friday nights we usually have (ha!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is my second window for the breast cancer awareness series I'm working on. This is actually not a recycled window, but is a chunky frame made with recycled wood. I primed and painted it a pale yellow. I then added glass, and used glass from a window frame obtained from a home renovation in Beach Meadows, Nova Scotia. The clear glass is textured with flowers...I just love it! I mounted it in the frame backwards so that the flat glass is facing out. The textured flowers show through the glass flowers. There is one red flower amoung the blue flowers, hence the title of the piece..."Unique".

There are 9 flowers on the window. One in nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer. One in nine flowers is a different colour on my window. And that is my subtle nod to breast cancer awareness with this piece.We are off to the big city this afternoon....trying to out run an oncoming storm nicknamed in the US the "Woodchuck Whopper". We'll be staying with G and DIL tonight. Tomorrow morning we have a very early appointment with the medical oncologist to talk about the drugs I'll be taking. Tomorrow is also my first day of radiation. I'll be having daily radiation from tomorrow until February 24th (Mondays through Fridays). This is good news!

Now, wish us luck as we battle the snowy highway!