Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A little update (photos from my Sunday photo excursion with a friend. No, I have not changed the photos to black and white...that's just the kind of day it was)
I had my first appointment with the radiation oncologist on Monday. Truthfully, I was quite disappointed at the end of the day. We did get some good information, and the doctor was a very nice, sociable, and no nonsense woman...really liked her. But, we were told that would have to wait for treatments to start until after I talked with the medical oncologist (the medical oncologist is in charge of chemotherapy and drug therapy). She said he would need to determine the course of treatment before radiation started (chemo comes before radiation). I was very disappointed because I haven't even been given a date yet to see the medical oncologist!

Anyway, my radiation oncologist is a take charge kind of woman. She contacted the med. oncologist and discussed my file with him. She then phoned me on Tuesday morning to tell me that chemo would not be necessary (yay!), but I would be put on drug therapy (after radiation). She said she wanted to get started with radiation asap since it has been 8 weeks since my last surgery date (I like this woman!). So we are to start radiation before I meet with the medical oncologist.
The next step is my "simulation" appointment, which is scheduled for January 21st. At that appointment, I'll be getting a CAT scan and permanent tattoos for the radiation treatments. The actual treatments will likely start a couple of weeks after that, and I'll have 16 days (5 days a week) of radiation.At this point, my best guess is that the actual treatments will start late January or early Feb. They start all the treatments on Mondays, so we're likely looking at Jan 31st, Feb 7, or Feb 14th for the start date. disappointment on Monday afternoon has morphed into thankfulness to my radiation oncologist (nothing like having a determined, no nonsense woman in your corner!) and thankfulness that the wheels are now in motion. (and extreme happiness that no chemo is necessary!)

Time to celebrate.


Janet said...

Sara: Stay warm and safe during this coming storm - just went out and checked and you can cut the dampness with a knife out there - just a feeling of chill and expectancy - any minute now I think. Treat this waiting period as a respite in which to pamper yourself with all sorts of nice things. Glad you have confidence in your doctor and that you like her - that will make such a difference.
Love and a warm hug
Janet in Hall's Harbour

Heather T. said...

I can imagine that you are feeling relieved in many areas, knowing now of the process and finer details. I like the last scenic photo with the house in the back corner.

In remark to Janet's comment, not that I live anywhere close enough to you - here in Vermont, this morning, it was a tad snowy and then it turned that damp feeling. Within thirty minutes, the snow really began falling and has been ever since.

And the weather man says....that our area shouldn't be too bothered - it already is.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

xoxoxo sara!
what a wonderful update!
lots of things to celebrate!

Karen said...

Awesome awesome news :-)

Are you getting the crazy snow we're getting? Haven't seen this much snow in YEARS.

Anonymous said...

CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION... both the news and having that great doctor.
That's wonderful Sarah.
I'm trying to figure out the photos...Anywhere near Broadcove?

Susan said...

hooray !! xo Susan

Neil and Susan said...

You are certainly in good hands Sara! Great news!! Susan