Thursday, January 27, 2011

On trial

A new toy was delivered on Tuesday...on trial for one week.Instructions were given.And the real playing began yesterday.
The playing continues today, even though it's storming something wicked out there. Boys will be boys. Meanwhile, I am inside in the warmth dreaming of how the new toy will change our definition of gardening!


Janet said...

What a splendid toy!!! And how great it will be to clear snow too, as well as garden with. Nice that the temps are better today too - no fun playing in -18C!!!
Stay warm, safe and dry insiode with a cup of tea - that's the way to beat winter.

Heather T. said...

I really like your first shot, Sara. The blue stands right out nicely. My husband would be so envious :) I surely imagine that you have grand ideas ready in the waiting for that springtime weather.

Hope that you're well, finding time to rest and enjoy creative moments.

Karen said...

Love the blue! We're still stuck in John Deere Green mode. and White..lots of white right now.


Loth said...

Well, thanks for that! I foolishly let my boys see this post and now.....well, let's just say you've raised the "new toy" bar WAY above my reach!!!!

Christine said...

Well, I think you just lost hubby for a while. When he gives it a female name, then you're in trouble! lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah
Didn't know they made tractors in my favorite colour.
I'm thinking of all the huge rocks you can move from A to B... and then just a little to the left.
Loved your valentine window too!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I can tell even from this distance that he's hooked!

TeresaA said...

welcome to the world of tractor ownership. It looks sweet. Tell John that Ed said congrats on the new convertible!

aliceinparis said...

Ha, it looks like a giant dinky toy!
I have a feeling it is going to stay!