Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year +1

My word for this year is "create". Create a healthy from breast cancer.
Create a guilt free guilt while relaxing, no guilt when enjoying a good meal or eating a dessert, no guilt when drinking a glass of wine.
Create beauty...I want to create more glass windows, more inspirational art, more gardens.
And I'm the luckiest lady around, because I get to do all this with the best partner a woman could ask for.

Happy New Year +1.


Heather T. said...

Sara, I love your word and how you've thoughtfully presented it. May every bit fully flourish and find you full of appreciation at the end of this year ♥

Janet said...

Thanks to your previous blogpost and links I've been thinking about my word. What a great idea for ringing in the New Year (thanks for sharing it with us, Sara :)

I almost chose "Create" - but have decided on "Change". I'll be blogging about it tomorrow!

I look forward to reading about your 'creative' journey this year.

Karen said...

LOVE that last photo. Here's to a creative guilt-free healthy living year - and 40 more to follow :-)

Neil and Susan said...

Wonderful goals for the start of your New Year Sara! I must try the guilt free aspect. Cheers! Susan :)

Janet said...

Sara: With that attitude you have this next year licked! And you will be creating as well! Your pictures are lovely.
I think, from the other side of seventy, my choice of a keyword will be "Now" as I'm not sure how many laters I will have.
Thanks for giving me the push to think about one word that will guide this coming year.
Warm good wishes
Janet in Hall's Harbour

TeresaA said...

that sounds like a plan to me.
I love the flower pictures - esp the one in the window.

Susan said...

Happy New Year Sara

re : style ?!? I think (I hope) I'm still developing a painting style- the typographic collagey stuff I think comes more natural but for some reason I am drawn to paint ??? I think "too much" about it.

MLou always picks up a day timer fro me and I think this one came from Staples. Chapters also has a great page-a-day moleskin that I really love. I'm a write it down(er) as well. cheers & xo, Susan & les Gang