Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fly Like An Eagle

For the past two years, we have taken in the "Eagle Watch" in Sheffield Mills. Last week, we dithered back and forth about whether or not to go this year. We decided to make the drive, and got up early Saturday morning and headed north across the province. What a glorious day! We spotted this guy before we made it to the official viewing area. Magnificent.The narrow road was jammed with parked cars on both sides. And the side of the field (where they throw dead chickens to attract the eagles) was jammed with viewers and photographers. This is just a tiny snippet of the photographers anxiously waiting for the eagles to feed:But the eagles weren't budging from the far side of the field:People had come from all over to see this annual spectacle. We asked the women next to us if they were from "the photo club" (us thinking: the big city of Halifax). They answered "yes" (them thinking: their club from St. John's, Newfoundland!). Further conversation clarified that six of them had flown in the night before and had been waiting for over 3 hours for the eagles to budge from the trees. We waited an hour, and then headed over to the community hall for a breakfast of pancakes and sausages. Afterwards, we circled the large country block and came across this guy:
Such fierce looking creatures, but so spectacular.And I was so very glad we decided to go (for our 3rd year). I never would have heard this guy screech if I stayed at home.

We saw license plates from Quebec and New Brunswick, and we met photographers from Newfoundland. A trek from the South Shore is just a quick jaunt compared to that!


Karen said...

That is so amazing...look at all those eagles!! I have only seen one in person once along the COnnecticut River while kayaking. No camera!!...sigh...

Janet said...

I've heard of this, but have never gone. When we were housesitting in Riverport, we had two eagles 'hanging' out all winter - for the last two years we were there. From our sunporch we could view them sitting on the ice or swooping low over the open water. A good pair of binoculars helped most days, but there were days when they were so close all we had to do was sip our coffee and observe.

Magnificent creatures!

Since being back, I've spotted one in the Riverport area as I was on my way to the beach with Taz. Almost drove off the road craning my neck to get a good look at it circling in the sky.

Janet said...

Hi Sara: so glad you took advantage of the great sunshine to come over to Sheffield Mills - around here anytime you look up you are likely to see one or more eagles quartering overhead, but of course most of them are off to Cape Breton by late March. I recall one winter morning losing count at 97 eagles seen in the trip between Hall's Harbour and Canning. Nothing beats seeing a big chicken carcass drop out of the sky in front of your moving vehicle when a clutzy eagle loses its grip!!The big square you drove around is nicknamed "Rabbit Square" and is one of my favourite drives - it has everything: wonderful old farmouses and barns, great views of the valley, a small band of gorgeous Clydesdale horses and then finally the choice of the drive to Baxter's Harbour, Black Hole or Hall's Harbour - can't be beaten!
Good luck with all your current stuff - and drop in on me the next time you come over this way. If you tell me ahead of time I'll even have cream for the coffee and a little munchie!
Cheers and warm hugs!
Janet in Hall's Harbour

aliceinparis said...

Can you believe I have never been! It is on my to do list but always forget until after the fact. Great shots.