Friday, January 28, 2011

End of a Winter's Day

milk bottles on the kitchen window ledge, with the setting sun in the background

Mulligan and I headed out for a late afternoon walk in the field today...something we haven't done in a while. At this time of year, there is usually too much snow in the field for walking. Lately, it has been storming or raining or just plain miserable. Anyway, today was beautiful and it was definitely time to get out in the afternoon. (we always get out for a morning walk to get the paper) We found some footprints. Perhaps a coyote?The larger prints belong to Mulligan, who is 60 pounds. The 3 prints on the left are a mystery. We followed the prints down to our "rock island". The rock island is a huge pile of rocks that cuts our hayfield in half. Our 79 year old neighbour remembers the "old timers" picking rocks from the fields with oxen and stoneboats. I'm thinking if we end up with a tractor (re yesterday's post) we may find some uses for all the rocks :) The trees (above) are on either end of the rock pile. I am currently spending time musing about what exactly to do with our property. We have 20 acres in total, and approx 15 acres are hayfield. The local farmers tell us the hay is no good any longer. So I muse about whether to "restore" the forest. The farmers are horrified by this idea and think the fields should be kept cut. I try to think of how best to prepare the land for future generations. Some think it would be best just to let nature take its course...the field will fill in gradually over time. I waver back and forth. In the meantime, I have contacted a couple of people who may be able to give me some advice. the snow fort our granddaughter Miss M built last weekend has survived the rain

Lots to muse about on afternoon walks!

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Janet said...

Hi Sara: I've read and reread a great book: "Restoring the Acadian Forest: A Guide to Forest Stewardship for Woodlot Owners in the Maritimes by Jamie Simpson - he has a M.Sc in Forestry. He currently is the Forestry consultant at Ecology Action Centre in Halifax. This book is available for $20 from and when I ordered it I had it the next day!
I have only a little more than an acre which was carved away from the original farm which dates to the 1820's, I have just let nature take its course and it is filling in nicely.
The tracks might be fox - they love denning in rockpiles and I have seen the tracks all around the little vault beside my house which holds the rockpile from this old farmstead.
Time to start becoming more active - it was light until at least 5:30 this evening.
Hang in there!