Friday, December 31, 2010


Early evening at the end of the year.
Tonight, a night for reminiscing about 2010. It's our family tradition to get together for a long, leisurely fondue followed by pulling out our "New Year's Eve file folder"....full of memories from the past 18 years.

Every New Year's Eve, we record our memories from the year, our biggest surprise of the year, and our predictions for the coming year. We put the file away and only pull it out on New Year's Eve.

First, we go back over years gone by and are surprised by some of our past memories (without this file, I confess I would have forgotten a thing or two). Next, we record this year's memories...the good ones and the sad ones.

Some bloggers are choosing one word to live by in the year to come. I don't know what my word would be, but I think I might agree with Susan at 29 Black Street (a fellow Nova Scotian)....Firework seems inspirational. If you haven't seen the Katy Perry Firework video, Susan has featured it today.

I'm ready to say goodbye to 2010. And I'm ready for some great things to come in 2011. Happy New Year! Bring on the fireworks.


Karen said...

Happy, Healthy New Year to you too... and yeah, BRING IT!

Susan said...

cause baby you're a firework !!
boom, boom, boom
brighter than the moon, moon, moon

xoxo S & les Gang

happy, happy new year!

Janet said...

A very happy, healthy and productive New Year to you, dear Sara. Warm hugs from Janet