Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flowers For A Friend - WIP

I mentioned that I started a window a few days is the work in progress:All the main design is complete (I think...I'll take a look at it again tomorrow). I need to add all the "in fill", and then add the grout (or maybe not).
The colours make me feel happy...I hope the woman I'm making it for likes them...I have no idea what her favourite colours are!


TeresaA said...

I kind of like it unfilled :)

Susan said...

it's gorgeous !! can't wait to see the rest
xo S & les Gang

Karen said...

How could you not like them, this is gorgeous!!.. WOW.. I think my favorite yet!

P.S. The shoe departed before Thanksgiving, do you think I should be nervous that you haven't received it yet or is your mail delivery alittle slow?

Deb said...

Hi Sara ~ I followed a link that was on Jeanne's blog - congratulations on your recent win! I see that you are missing your pet and I am sad to know that. Here's hoping she returns safely to you!!! Sounds like you've had a rough go lately - I hope your prize from Jeanne cheers you up. Take care. ~ Deb

Jeanneoli said...

This is so pretty! Amazing job!!