Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Box

To take my mind off things that were going on in November....and because Cody won't be joining us for Christmas this year....I put together an "advent box" for Cody and sent it off to him in Toronto. All the little gifts were wrapped, with a number, and Cody was instructed to open them on the appropriate days. Here is the list of what he has opened so far:
Day 1: a container (purchased at the dollar store) filled with green and red smarties. (I was told that Smarties aren't available in the US...can that be true??)Day 2: a photo of me and Cody's dad that Cody has never, ever seen....not necessarily for some holiday cheer, but more for a BIG laugh.The photo was taken when I was 20 years old...we were dressed to go to a concert by "The Monks". Years later, I was told that kids from my high school saw me and thought I had turned into "a punker". The mini dress was purple and white stripes, with white tights and blue high cut running shoes. Ian (boyfriend at the time, later on husband #1) was dressed in tails, white peg pants, and a peacock feather in his ear. Ah, to be young and foolish again!
Day 3: snowman ornamentsDay 4: a Pook Toque (for the non Canadian readers...toque rhymes with pook, and it's the Canadian name for a winter cap) Cody likes wearing weird hats, and I thought this fit the bill nicely. Made from a pair of wood socks, the Pook Toque can be worn in a multitude of ways. Cody told me he wore it to a bar, and 3 people yelled out "he's wearing a Pook Toque!" when he walked in the door. Who knew that I could give such an "in" gift? (it's a first for me, let me tell you)
Day 5: "Jingle All The Way" coffee mug
Day 6: chocolate santas
Day 7: Terry's Chocolate Orange (an annual stocking stuffer around here)
Day 8: Reindeer pine cones. Cody and I made these when he was 3 years old. I was newly seperated, and there wasn't money to buy a bunch of Christmas decorations. I saved four of them through the years...sent him 2 and kept 2 for me.
Day 9: I-tunes gift card
Day 10: Santa OrnamentDay 11: Underwear. He didn't get underwear in his stocking last year, and I heard about it. I guess he still depends on his mom for some things.
Day 12: Kinder Surprise
Day 13: Ferraro Rocher chocolates
Day 14: A card with a recipe for a snacking mix (Cody makes a batch of this every year when he is home for Christmas) and a note that it's better to give than to receive. He was instructed to either make the snacking mix for his friends, or else do something good for someone else that day.
Day 15: Thumb tacks with moody faces
Day 16: Socks (see Day 11...same thing applies)

And that brings us up to date for the Advent Box. I had so much fun putting it together...nothing big in there, but just little things to let him know we care.


aliceinparis said...

Sara, I bet he is just LOVING his Advent box. You have filled it with such great things. A lot of love went into that parcel:) The touque is amazing!!!
PS you looked like a HOT punker:)

Loth said...

That's a fantastic idea and such brilliant gift choices! I have to say, you do look quite foxy in that photo!!

Karen said...

I love that idea! The hat... looks like a sock monkey gone terribly wrong. :-)

Smarties in the US look alot different, they are sweet tart hard candy, I love them. Not coated, as it appears your smarties are.

You both look Maaavelous in that 20 year old shot, Sara. WOW.

Janet said...

Hi Sara: Yes indeed, Smarties aren't available in the US - they have m and m's which in my opinion are a very poor substitute. Love the choices of gifts. Terry's chocolate orange has always been big in my house!
Just getting my woodstove going after running around today taking delivery of my new second hand vehicle. I must say I look very swish with almost no rust and an intact gas tank and exhaust sytem!!

Judy said...

Great list Sarah, I,m going to borrow some of your ideas. Where does one get a pook toque?

Sara said...

I picked mine up at a craft show, but you can order them online at:

The page to order from is: and they charge $26 (shipping and taxes included).

simpledaisy said...

Hello...I came over form Karen's blog!
Lovely blog!
I am total dog lover too! We have 2 rescued {Ruby} almost tore our whole house apart but now she's a little more calm and hasn't chewed anything in awhile!

I sure hope you find your sweet little doggie...Cassie!

I'll be back to check in!

bichonpawz said...

Hi there! I stopped over from Karen's blog your blog! Have a Happy Holiday and I hope you find your puppy!