Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's thought

Just started playing with my newest "inspirational photo" last night. I'm not sure about the words yet, but it's getting there.

Today's follow up visit with the surgeon went well...the healing is progressing nicely. Next step is to wait for the pathology report, which should be back in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll have our good news from the surgery confirmed and won't have any surprises.

We won't be seeing Cody (our 23 year old son) for Christmas this year. He is stuck in Toronto and will be working at Christmas. I am thinking of sending him an "advent box" so he has something small to open every day. Any ideas of small things to send?


Karen said...

A bar of balsam soap. (my men really like it) a bag of his favorite candy. (licorice? Chocolate? Gummy Worms?) A new cologne. A pair of funky wool socks. An Itunes card if he's a music freak. A gift card to a restaurant near him. A package of boxers/briefs. A photo in a frame of your last visit together. A box of chocolate covered oreos (red envelope sells them- OMG SO GOOD)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Karen had wonderful ideas! I don't have any men in my house - never have had! So, I can't help you there.

But I do love the inspirational quote on your pic. Very nice indeed.

Susan said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry about Cassie. I honestly cannot even imagine the sadness, panic & worry you must be feeling. We're praying that Cassie finds her way safely back home. much love & peace, Susan, Winnie, Sam & les Chats