Monday, November 22, 2010

time heals all wounds

This is one of my favourite photos of Cassie. You can't see it well here, but her face is bathed in the glow from the rising sun. I took this photo on an early morning walk in 2009.

The past week has been very emotional and draining. Cassie has now been missing for 7 full days. Not one person has reported seeing her. To be honest, this ordeal has hit me a lot harder than dealing with breast cancer and breast surgery. Dealing with a missing animal is much more difficult for me than dealing with the death of an animal. No matter how difficult death is, (and yes, I know it is very difficult...we have dealt with 3 animal deaths in the past 5 years) I can eventually come to grips with it because it's a part of the cycle of life.

Tomorrow I report back to my surgeon for my follow up visit. I think everything is healing nicely and pretty soon I'll be able to get back into normal day to day stuff. Today was the first day since my surgery that I made the morning walk for the paper (a mile long walk) and it felt good to get out. The sun is not exactly shining, but it's looking nice and bright out there with a dusting of snow.


Janet said...

Good Morning Sara: I'm so sorry to hear you have no news of your dog - that is very hard to deal with. I hope you hear something soon.
And good luck with the healing - nice to know you are feeling better physically and making progress.
Today it feels like the calm before the storm and I'm busily bringing wood indoors against a possible snowfall. All around me they are harvesting corn and I see spi;lled corn everywhere - the crows and squirrels are feasting!
Take care.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Blessings on you Sara. I do hope Cassie shows up or that some kindly neighbour has for some unknown reason come across her and has her safe and sound. I'm praying for you now.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

O, Sara I'm so sorry you have no news yet. It IS hugely distressing to have a pet go missing with no explanation. Been there...but I'm continuing to hope that you'll have good news--or some news of any sort--soon, to help put your heart at ease. Thinking of you in advance of tomorrow's meeting too.

Karen said...

Cassie!!!.. did I refer to her as Maggie in previous comment? *sigh*

What a beautiful photo, this one. Praying for you -

TeresaA said...

I so sorry Sara. I know the pain and fear of losing an animal and not knowing what happened.

I have no words to console you but wanted you to know that I feeling for you.


Deborah Carr said...

Hi Sara...was checking back in this AM, hoping for good news. You and Cassie have been on my mind so much. I'm hoping these heartfelt posts of strangers and friends bring some comfort.

Hugs from across the bay...