Monday, November 29, 2010

the strength of a tree

My "The Strength of a Tree" inspirational photo available here. The third line has been applicable to my personal life in the past few weeks. No more Cassie sightings since the one on Friday...we are hoping it was actually her, but not sure. Still waiting for the pathology report from my Nov 17th surgery.

On the positive side of things...because I believe there is always a positive side...sometimes it's just difficult to see it...I have been very productive over the past few days. I put together an "Advent Box" for our son Cody, who won't be home for Christmas. I've never done an advent calendar before but it was very fun to put together. He doesn't read the blog, but you never know when things will change, so I'll post the advent box goodies after I know he has opened them.

I recovered a glider rocker that we've had for ages. I prefer a regular rocking chair, but it won't fit by our wood stove because of the border around the stone under the stove. So our old glider rocker is there (purchased when I lived alone waaaay back 18 years ago). I did recover it about 8 years ago, but found a new material that matches our living room better. It took me a couple of hours and $20 to recover. Not bad for a change of scenery.

I started a new "folk art glass window" today...a surprise for someone who dropped off 12 wooden windows for me a while back. Everything flowed beautifully today, so I have most of the design already cut out and laid out. Tomorrow I'll be gluing the main design, and then I'll work on the in fill glass. Title: "Flowers for a Friend"

Tomorrow I'm rewarding myself for all this busy bee action, and I'm meeting a friend for coffee at a lovely little place called The Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

The Biscuit Eater is divine. I can't wait to visit there again myself; chai tea and chocolate layer cake are waiting for me.

Karen said...

This is beautiful, Sara. I am a lover of trees and the sea, and this quote is awesome. This might just be a reward to myself once the holidays are over.

Susan said...

thinking of you & Cassie
so Susan, Winne Dixon + Sam

Christine said...

Beautiful Sara.