Tuesday, November 9, 2010


No, not that kind of moo. I'm talking Moo Cards.
Years ago, when I was the owner of a dog biscuit company, I mentored 2 women who were owners of a shortbread cookie business. During one of our meetings, they gave me a business card. It was smaller than the standard biz card...about 1 inch by 2 3/4 inches. I thought they were very cute, and something different but she wouldn't tell me where she got them done. (even though I spent hours mentoring them...lol). Later I discovered that they were Moo cards.
I have finally put some together for myself, and it was quite a fun process. You can make up to 90 different cards, which is great for photographers and artists. I did up some with my artwork, some with my photographs, and used some photos of our family life and travels to put into this contraption:
A wall frame specially designed to hold moo cards. (yes, I am a sucker for marketing) I had fun last night choosing which cards to put into the holder. My only mistake when I ordered my cards was that I didn't include any vertical photos. I think the holder would look more interesting with both vertical and horizontal cards.
Anyway, it was fun creating the cards and lots of fun going through them. I'll also have fun giving out the cards, because people will be able to choose the one they want (I think this must be a girl thing, because I told my husband this and he thought I was crazy). And the cards will make great little gift cards if anyone ever orders anything from my etsy shop!
Seriously though, I think maybe their business cards would be a better value. You can still put a different image on each card (and the cards are nice and thick...great quality) and they are the standard business card size, which are a little less likely to get lost in someone's wallet after you give them out.
No, I am not getting paid for this endorsement! (I wish)

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