Friday, November 19, 2010

Good News Bad News

It has been a very emotional week around here. Our dog Cassie is still missing, and has been gone since 2pm on Monday. We live in a very rural area, surrounding by miles and miles and miles of forest. It's hunting season. I was outside with our 2 dogs on Monday when I heard a gunshot. I called the dogs and only one came back. Originally, we were thinking maybe Cassie chased a deer and ran far enough that she got lost. Now we are wondering if she has been shot or hurt. So many thoughts run through our minds, and not many of them are good. But we keep trying. We have posted and delivered more than 200 flyers up and down the country roads around here. We've put announcements on the radio, talked to animal control, posted flyers at stores in the surrounding towns, driven in the car and ATV calling her name it, we've done it. John is out again on foot with our other dog trying to comb the woods. So this is all the bad news.We did get some good news this week too, which we will celebrate soon. You see, on November 5th I was diagnosed with breast cancer. (not such good news) I originally had surgery on October 13th, and the pathology report came back with the news that I had cancer. I had surgery again on Wednesday the 17th, and several lymph nodes were removed. The preliminary reports show that the cancer had not spread to my lymph nodes...and this is our reason to celebrate. I will need 3 weeks of radiation treatments (5 days a week), but most likely will not need chemo. We are very lucky, so very lucky, that this was all caught early.

And I will cling to my good news, while I sit here in frustration at not being out and about looking for my lost dog. I am trying to think only good thoughts so that she will be home with us soon.


aliceinparis said...

Sara, so much to say... worrisome, I cannot imagine:( You are doing all you can and that is the main thing.xo

Breast... no lymph is GOOD NEWS! Breast cancer is so very treatable and that is good news too. My mom had a mastectomy as did my mother-in-law. Will you be in Halifax for your treatment? Would love to take you to lunch. said...

I was in The Teazer today and saw their poodles and thought of your dog - hoping she had been found. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for both the bad news and good news! Nancy LeB in Bridgewater

Janet said...

Sara: I am so sorry about your dog being lost ~ my thoughts ae with you with this.
And in addition to be dealing with a cancer diagnosis ~ but indeed it has been caught early and the negative results from the lymph glands is good news - hoping your treatments are over and done with soon.
Warm hugs.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Oh, Sara...I am so very sorry about Cassie. I too will hold her in my thoughts. And you dealing with cancer on top of all this. My late aunt had it 30 + years ago and beat it, (she died of alzheimers this spring, a battle no one wins) so I am simply going to believe that you are going to be fine. Holding you in my thoughts across the miles. I'll retweet your previous post, and plant it on my facebook pages too.

Janet said...

Sara - you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I was so hoping when I saw you blogpost that Cassie had been found - I've been thinking of you all week and hoping for a joyous outcome. I'm still keeping positive thoughts winging your way.

So glad your surgery was successful and that the cancer has not spread. I hope treatment goes well.

Deborah Carr said...

Dear Sara - I was already sitting here with tears in my eyes over your previous post, and saying prayers for Cassie's safe return, when I realized you had a newer post. Now I'm truly crying for you. It is hard enough to deal with a lost pet, but with your health concerns added in, you must be beside yourself. Can a stranger send love across the miles? Of course. I hope you can feel it.

martha brown said...

I'm thinking of you Sara -- my heart is with you (and your good news and your less than good news... hoping that it will all be good news soon)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Glad to hear of your good news. I'll pray about your bad news -- and hope that the outcome in both cases in very happy!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

dear sara
oh sweetie! that is an emotional week!
i am so relieved and happy about your great news. (i have been thinking about you!)
and sending you huge hugs and good wishes for the news about your sweet cassie.
i will keep checking in on all of you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah
So happy about your good news!
Am hoping Cassie has holed up somewhere 'til you find her or until she can get to you. HANG IN THERE.

Neil and Susan Brown said...

Hello Sara! Thank you for visiting our blog today. I hope you find Cassie soon. When its hunting season, no one feels safe. You'll find her soon. Susan :)

Karen said...

I'm so relieved to here your good news, and my heart aches for you in missing Maggie. It's not too late though, sometimes they do return even after weeks.

I'll need your address if you feel comfortable with that.. I have something for you :-)

Karen said...

I DID call her "Maggie", I apologize for the blunder.