Thursday, November 25, 2010

Finished window and a big THANK YOU

Remember this work in progress?Here's what it looks like finished. I have had it done for a while, but with all the things going on around here I haven't yet phoned the woman who ordered it so she can pick it up. One of my "to do's" for today.Cassie has now been missing for 10 days, and although we still hold some hope in the corner of our hearts, we think we won't be seeing her again. I do want to say a huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who has been helping us. Our neighbours have been wonderful...phoning to see how we are, dropping by with freshly baked bread, dropping in for a visit with home made soup...

And the friendliness of strangers has surprised us. There have been lots of supportive comments on the blog, but we have also received many phone calls from people we don't know who have seen our "Lost Dog" flyers posted. Many folks have phoned to check to see if we have found her. Unfortunately, not one person has seen her.

I do want to give a special thank you to Colleen, owner of the Platter House Restaurant in Bridgewater. Colleen didn't know us before all this happened, but John dropped one of our flyers off at The Platter House when he went to eat while I was in surgery last week. Colleen has put flyers in several places in the restaurant, she has dropped off a flyer at the Ministry of Natural Resources, and she has been out in our area several times looking for Cassie. The kindness of strangers just amazes me. We went to The Platter House to eat lunch on Tuesday, after a much needed soul soothing walk on the beach, and Colleen wouldn't even allow us to pay for our lunch. We settled for leaving a tip for the waitress and a donation to SHAID (the local animal shelter). So I'm asking anyone who is hungry in Bridgewater to drop into the Platter House Restaurant for a snack or a meal....Colleen is just the friendliest restaurant owner you could ever meet.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make the past 10 days a little easier for us.

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I'm so sorry about Cassie! But yes, it is so wonderful when people come 'round to help you in a time of need. There are a lot of lovely, dog-loving people in Lunenburg County!