Sunday, October 24, 2010

Window Art - WIP

I'm currently working on a window commissioned by a friend of our neighbour. She had two requests:
1. she wanted a Westie on the window
2. she wanted lots of colour
She's going to give the window to her daughter as a Christmas gift. The cutting and gluing is complete, and now I have to let it cure for a week or so before I add the grout. I feel quite nervous when I'm creating something specific for someone, but I'm quite happy with it so far.And...speaking of windows...the other night about 8:30 our dog Cassie started barking. She tends to bark at lots of things only she can see or hear. So I've grown to ignore her. I told her to be quiet, and never even got up to check around (lesson here....always listen to your dog). The next morning, this is what I found.Someone dropped off 12 windows for me! A phone call tracked down the anonymous friends...a couple from "the hill across the way" told us a year or so ago that they had some windows for me...and now here they are! The windows will keep me busy this winter.


martha brown said...

So pretty! I have a westie like that! Red collar too :)

Karen said...

I love what you've done with this... great Westie depiction, and love the diversity of the flowers.. especially love the little round glass pebble pedals.

Anonymous said...


Janet said...

That is beautiful, Sara! I often think of you when I pass old windows left at the bottom of roads for the garbage men to take away. Glad you have a good supply for the winter :)