Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tangled Garden

A few weeks ago, we headed over to Wolfville with G, DIL and Miss M. John goes to the St. Mary's football games every week with his son G, and granddaughter Miss M...a nice little tradition. SMU was playing an away game at Acadia. DIL and I decided to go along for the ride and went exploring in antique shops, garden centres, and The Tangled Garden just outside of Wolfville.Love all their jellies and oils...what I love most is the way they look in the sunlight!A rainbow of loveliness from the garden.Wouldn't mind a garden gate like this one... Somehow gardening wouldn't seem like such hard work if you could walk through a gate like that!

Today was a full day of gardening even though it's the end of the season....gathering seeds for next year's garden, planting garlic for next year, planting "green manure" in the veggie boxes, and clearing grass out from around the wild roses (something I've wanted to do for the past 2 summers but never got around to). It's a big job...I'm only a quarter done. I've thrown in some lupin seeds in some of the areas I've cleared out, so we'll see what next year brings!


Loth said...

Ah, Wolfville - one of my favourite places on the planet. Did you go "The Odd Book"? Our favourite second hand bookshop - we always spend a pleasant hour meandering round there when we are on our annual pilgrimage!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

that picture of the jellies in the window is great! what an eye you have!!! looks like you had a great visit.

Judy said...

The Tangled Garden, one of my favourite places. The view of the dykes and Blomidon is so great from above their Labyrinth. Your photos were beautiful.

Christine said...

What I love about your pictures of Nova Scotia is that everything there looks so unique. So much better than the big box stores and chain restaurants that take over Ontario.