Monday, October 18, 2010

Photo Outing

Yesterday I headed out with my camera and a fellow photography enthusiast. We seem to share a similar love of old, rusty and decrepit things. One of our stops was the abandoned mill in New Germany. The building was plastered with no trespassing signs so we stayed on the outside. Lots of broken and decaying things here to photograph!
Another old and decaying in action...
And neither old nor partner in photography yesterday:


TeresaA said...

nice photos. and neither one of us is decaying or decrepit. we are just 'aged'. :)

Karen said...

oooh what an awesome place to be with a camera, you decaying old thing. Tsk!! If you're old that means we're right there with you. STOP IT!!! We're just maturing.. gracefully, right?

Great pics.