Friday, October 29, 2010

Mellow yellow

I love the light in the late afternoon and early evening. (early evening is getting earlier every day!) This is the driveway for the original homestead on our land...much too narrow for anything but an ATV to get up now. I am trying to keep it clear of the small trees that pop up...I would like to keep the laneway as a living memory to the first homesteaders.We don't have any orange or red leaves left. They have all blown away in the recent rains. There are still lots of yellows around, and they look lovely when the sun shines through them.I didn't plant pumpkins this year, but we grew 5 pumpkins...a result of spreading our compost in the garden. I see some homemade pumpkin soup in our future. Mmmm.
A note about yesterday's post. It seems from the comments I received (and one phone conversation) that my post lead people to believe I was devastated by my photo club competition. That was not my intention. Yes, I was puzzled. Yes, I was miffed. But the point I was trying to make (unsuccessfully it seems) was that we have to move on after disappointment. No point in dwelling on the past. Go make your future. Which is why I was out the very next morning working with my camera. Enough said about that.
Have a great weekend everyone!


TeresaA said...

nice pumpkins! don't forget to roast the seeds. yum.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what's at the end of the lane?
Just caught up to your blogs. How thrilling to have a seminar from Freeman Patterson. He was one of my heros after I got my first SLR camera.
Love your leaf shot and the story of your Attachment!!

Judy said...

Sorry Sarah.. that was from Judy, Didn't intend to be anonymous

Janet said...

Good Morning Sara: As soon as I finish this I'm off to light the fire - it's getting cooler by the minute!
I was also taken by7 all the yellow foliage yesterday and took a few shots in between documenting my quiltmaking.
I just love the orange you've captured with the pumpkins.
And your thpought to keep that original lane open on the homestead is such a good one - would love to see more shots taken along it - is there a cellarhole remaining or is all trace now gone?