Friday, October 8, 2010

Feeding the birds

Every day for the past week, I have headed over to our neighbour's place to feed their birds. This has been quite the education for me, since we only have guineas at home. First, the ducks get fed. They have learned quickly and they pretty much know it's feeding time as soon as I pull into the driveway. They make a lot of noise! (notice anything different about one of the ducks? He's got a pom pom on his head.)After the ducks get fed, it's off to the pond area to feed the geese. I have to admit that I find the geese a little scary. They hiss and honk at me and I try to dump the food into their area and get my hands out of the way as quick as I can. I have visions of my hand getting chomped on while I'm trying to put their food in...I don't think they know the expression "don't bite the hand that feeds you".

Next, the shed for the guineas and pheasants gets checked. They have been pretty self sufficient and I haven't needed to top up their food and water bins. Lastly, it's time to talk turkey.
I was a little apprehensive the first time I had to go into the turkey pen. They are large birds. Large. There is one male, and 3 females. They stayed away from me on the first visit (which suited me fine) but now they are happy to see me and come right up to me when I'm filling their water container. (and I'm not frightened of them anymore...I actually think they are cool dudes and really like the sounds they make)
Those guys drink a lot! I guess if I was a turkey and it was 3 days away from Canadian Thanksgiving, I'd be drinking a lot too. I'm not sure if there are plans for turkey dinner at our neighbour's place, but I'll be thinking of my new turkey pals on Thanksgiving Day.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, now I'll be thinking of your new pals too.
Happy Thanksgiving!