Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dealing with disappointment

I never thought of myself as a competitive person, but my husband assures me that I am. And, I have to admit, I think he is correct. Proof in point is my involvement with competitions at our local photography club.Last night we held our "Nature" and "Floral" competitions. We submit up to 3 photographs in each category, and 3 judges give us a score out of 5, for a total potential score of 15. Honour awards are given for scores of 12 or more.I love photographing flowers, and consider my flower photographs to be some of my best. My ego took a beating last night, and my floral photographs were losers with a big "L". So what do you do when you feel downtrodden? Well, I get out there right away and work on improving my skills. Practice, practice, practice. No sense in whining about past difficulties. I got out there this morning (in the fog and rain) and took more flower photos....getting an early start on next year's competition!

(note: these photos are not last night's losers....they are today's feel good photos for me.)


Karen said...

... I eat. Just that. :-)

Frosty Duncan said...

Prank call the judges.

Christine said...

I think your photos are beautiful. I hope they give constructive feedback on ways to improve to help you out in your quest.

TeresaA said...

sara, these photos are stunning! I don't know which ones you put in the competition but I remember being quite surprised with some of the scores of photos.

Last year I dealt with those feelings. This year I decided that it's 3 opinions but I chose what I chose because I like it :)

The downside with the way the judging is done is that there's no feedback to let the photographer know what they saw to inform the scores. But I don't know how to get around it either.