Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn Leaves

On Friday we went for a little drive to take in the autumn leaves. They're not as colourful this year, but it was a great drive and a great afternoon.
And when we got home, we were welcomed with a beautiful rainbow over our field.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
We love you!
G, Miss M and DIl xo

Anonymous said...

Wow. The picture of the river through the trees is beautiful. Its a pretty fall in Indiana, USA. I wasn't sure it would be as dry as its been.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

aliceinparis said...

It was a gorgeous weekend.
I've noticed that the colours are not as varied or vivid as usual.
I think heat, drought and then big storm and then more heat etc. have given the poor trees a run for their money this summer.
Looks like you had a lovely drive:)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... looks like you had a nice drive at least and there is some wonderful color thrown in there. i love the shot of your pup! he looks to be enjoying himself the most!!!

Karen said...

We took a drive on Saturday and our photos are remarkably alike!.. right down to the bridge!...

Happy Thanksgiving alittle belated :-)