Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bear River Farms

I am a weekend behind in blogging....last Sunday we headed out to enjoy "Open Farm Day"...a day where 59 farms across Nova Scotia open up their doors to the public. We visited Bear River Farms...a farm just outside Bear River (one of my favourite places away from the South Shore).Bear River Farms is the first (and only) certified biodynamic mixed farm in the Atlantic provinces. Biodynamic takes organic one step further, and I found the tour really exciting and interesting. (John could not believe that his city girl wife was beyond thrilled about riding around on a hay wagon hearing a farming tour and lecture)
Biodynamic farming is a self sufficient farm...nothing brought in from outside the farm (no bought feed for instance)...a totally self contained unit. They are also establishing a cooperative, where outside people can invest in the farm and then share in the food products grown on the farm (eggs, cheeses, grains, bread, meat...chicken, beef, pork). This is a way of ensuring you know where your food comes from...literally straight from the farm to your plate. The idea really excites me, but I don't think we live close enough to them to make it practical for us.
Loved their "chicken chalet"...what a coop! (makes our guinea coop look like a play model) Skylights in the coop!
On a biodynamic farm, the cows must have their horns intact. The farmers think it is inhumane to cut off their horns, and they say that it is a proven fact that the milk from cows with horns is much healthier to drink.But with a view like this, who could get any farming done?
To learn more about Bear River Farms, check out their website:

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