Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At the end of the day

Some days just don't go the way you plan them. Sometimes you can roll with the punches, but sometimes you just want to get into bed and pull the covers over your head.

Yesterday fell somewhere in between. The day definitely didn't go as planned. But, there was good along with the bad.

good....I got my allium bulbs planted in the garden, so I'll finally have some early spring flowers to add to the handful of daffodils we have.
bad....Seems my digging woke up a tick and he thought he'd take a ride with me.
good...I found the tick before he latched onto my hand. of our dogs treed 2 very large porcupines which we had to "deal with".
good....she managed not to get any quills on her.

bad...yet another porcupine was discovered by Cassie at 11 last night.
bad...3 porkies were shot out of our apple wasn't a good day for porcupines around here.
bad...this time, Cassie got a mouth full of quills before the porcupine went up the tree.
good...we were able to rush her to the emergency after hours vet at 11:30pm.
bad...we got home at 1:30am, $300 poorer. in the country!!

So...all this good and bad got me thinking about doing one of my inspirational posters. I'm trying to think of the right thing to add to the sunset photo above. Any thoughts? What goes through your mind at the end of the day?


Loth said...

Oh poor Cassie! Mind you, I see you your $300 porcupine quill vet bill and raise you £750 for reconstructing cat hit by car on Friday (he's fine. Irritatingly so.)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful sunset,, and photograph.
In the face of such beauty, I like to listen for the accompanying sounds. Prehaps to realize I'm still here. Thanks, Judy

Janet said...

I've never seen a porcupine up close, but I know they're around as I see them dead on the roads. Came close to a skunk one - that's enough. And was gifted with the sight of a lynx or bobcat - the latter I think - going through my yard very close to the house. Owls now and then and this morning saw a young cock pheasant scuttling up the road like a worried pedestrian late for work. Love living in the country!!!!
Janet near Hall's Harbour