Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Music and Veggies

We have now fully recuperated from four fantastic days and nights of music at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. Picture yourself sitting on a wharf in the sunshine with bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds, looking out at the harbour, and listening to a full afternoon of musicians (8 different acts)...folk, blues, and bluegrass. Oh my. Wonderful. (and that is just one of 5 different venues each afternoon!)

Evenings were spent at a five hour concert at the "Main Stage"...a huge white tent that holds over 1000 people. The sound just can't be beat. When the crowd joins in, they sound like a professional choir (or angels during especially moving songs).

But it's all rather exhausting, and yesterday was not very productive back home at "the farm". Today I have been busy getting caught up with the vegetable garden, and John is still out cutting the grass, and my paths through the fields (a four hour job). I've been freezing green and yellow beans, picked our first ripened tomatoes, and the biggest zucchini I've ever seen. The zucchini turns into dog food...our dogs are on a natural diet and these big zucchinis have been part of their veggie portion for a couple of weeks now.

Tomorrow brings another exciting day. We'll be joining G, DIL, and our granddaughter Miss M at an amusement park. And....DIL and I will be going on a zip line! (the men are not courageous enough to try it). I am so, so excited about the zip line. My son thinks I'll be screaming all the way! (I think he might be right)


Anonymous said...

Looking VERY forward to "zipping" with you!!

TeresaA said...

so where is this zip line? it sounds like fun to me!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...the veggies look lovely and a zip line sounds like a lot of fun...brave girl!