Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lunching on the LaHave

We had a busy day yesterday. First, I dashed off on my own to an estate sale in the morning. Nothing much of interest to me there, except an amazing 3 storey barn. Couldn't load that in the car, though, so I headed back home.

John and I drove into town with a load full of donations for the SPCA garage sale...there was too much in the car for the girls to come along. A day trip without the girls? Doesn't happen often.

Chores were done, so we headed down the LaHave River. First stop: the LaHave Bakery.We literally "lunched on the LaHave" are our seats out on the wharf...what a view!From there we took a drive west along the coast. We stopped in Petite Riviere, and I found a table, chairs, and chest of drawers at an antique shop that I'd love to give a new home to. I also did a little photo session with a huge sea bird...I have never seen one like it. Unfortunately my photos were...ahem...not up to publishing standards. Onwards to Beach Meadows Beach. Last time we walked Beach Meadows, it was early spring and we were bundled up in our woolies. Yesterday was woolies required.A quick trip home to corn on the cob and a big green salad. Perfect.


Janet said...

Down in my neck of the woods, Sara! I love the bakery - we're so lucky to have something like that here. And Petite - another favorite drive destinations.

But you ended up on my favorite beach - Beach Meadows. We haven't been down since we've been back - that will have to change, you've inspired me to plan a trip this weekend.

BTW - nice new header picture on the blog!

martha brown said...

yummmm.... I love the Lahave bakery... and the craft shop....