Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hot stuff

No matter who you are, if you are in Nova Scotia today you are hot.

It's so hot, that we're going to take a drive to the beach and I'm going to go swimming in the ocean. I don't do that. But today I am going to dive under that cool ocean water and enjoy.

And then I'll get back into the unusual Nova Scotia summer heat...and hope the forecasted hurricane doesn't reach us on Saturday.


TeresaA said...

I went last night. it was really hot there too. it was kind of eery.

Karen said...

It's BRUTAL here.. the air is soo thick.. and the sky is a lavender color tonight.. weird. We are scheduled to get hit with whatever comes here Friday...then up to you. I'll keep you posted. UGH!

Janet said...

I swear the weather gods are giving us Saskatchewan heat just so I feel at home my first summer in my new home, Nova Scotia! I love it :) Poor Saskatchewan is getting a typical Nova Scotia summer - and everyone is blaming me.

Let us know if you really do dive into the cold ocean water. And enjoy the beach :)

Bernadette Joolen, Seattle Author said...

Hello from a city girl, and what a lovely blog! What a lovely escape fantasy for me! (It was 60 degrees in Seattle yesterday! Think of that if you need to cool down a bit.) I hope all goes okay with the hurricane! Thanks for your lovely photos and words.~~bernadette, author of 3 books, 3 blogs...=)