Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Digby Neck - Part 2

A continuation of Monday's trip to Digby Neck...

After traipsing the Balancing Rock Trail, we headed west on Long Island. We were early for the next ferry, so had some time to look around Freeport. My first find was this stunning house:Well, I think it's stunning. John thinks it's ugly. I spied it down a side road, and guess what? It's for sale! Completely unfinished on the inside. But a view of the Bay of Fundy to die for. Love it, but can't have it. So on we went. Something else I love...cormorants drying their wings (I call all black shore birds cormorants...I am probably wrong about this)Tide is out:The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world.I took a photo of these traps and ropes...just loved the colour and symmetry.But when I get back to the car, someone has taken my place!Time to get to the ferry and over to Brier Island. There was a small field of purple flowers that had me jumping out of the car to take some photos. I was wishing the light was different, but some things I can't control!A little bit of island humour...(in case you can't read it: Spouter Inn - closed all year)And here we are at the end of the just can't go any further. (sometimes I do remember to bring along the tripod and remote!)What a fantastic day. Nothing better than seeing the sites with the ones you love.


Patchmaker said...

I love that house, too, and I visit it every time I'm up that way! I think it would make a fantastic quilter's retreat; now all I have to do is win a lottery!


Karen said...

I'm with John on the house. The location ofcourse is devine. Love the last photo of all of you :-)