Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Digby Neck - The Balancing Rock

We spent yesterday doing one of the things we like doing best...taking a drive, and enjoying the sites. It was a ten hour day, and a 400 kilometre drive (about 250 miles), with 4 ferry rides (2 out, and 2 back). We went to Digby Neck, a slender piece of land running from Digby...between the Bay of Fundy and St. Mary's Bay...that extends to Long Island, and Brier Island beyond that (hence the 2 ferry rides).

While waiting for our first ferry, we grabbed a quick bite to go from the Petite Passage Cafe. This "fast food" was real turkey (not the fake stuff from the supermarket...we actually saw the golden roasted bird fresh from the oven!) on whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomatoes. Yum! Their sign advertises "Seriously Good Food" and they are right.

We took a right turn just off the ferry (every other car went left). I was hoping to see the Boar's Head Lighthouse, but the road is gated. Not all our adventures run as planned. A quick turnaround had us heading back on the way and a short drive brought us to our first destination...The Balancing Rock Trail. We've been to Digby Neck before, but never stopped to do the hike out to the Balancing Rock.

This has got to be the only place with "art" in the outhouses!We brought both dogs on the trail with us (of course!) Here are Cassie and John on the first part of the trail:A couple of wooden walkways take hikers over boggy areas:A couple of benches provide respite for walkers before (or perhaps after!) tackling the 237 steps down the side of the cliff to the Balancing Rock. Of course, people have to leave their mark.Almost there, and here is the view to the left:The girls met another dog...coming up as we were going down (all dogs were very friendly and properly behaved):And all the effort was for this:The phenomenal Balancing Rock is approximately four feet wide and twenty feet tall. A wonderful quirk of nature, this immense basalt column stands alone after many like it have dropped back into the sea and the earth. (taken from the sign posted at the site) After taking several photos, and admiring the stunning scenery, we headed back up the trail. Two hundred and thirty seven steps is a lot more difficult to go up than go down!The whole trail (with time for picture taking) took about one hour...well worth the trip.And well worth leaving a donation in the box so that this attraction can be kept up by the hard working volunteers.

Tomorrow: Part 2 of our Digby Neck tour.


Janet said...

Thanks for sharing this - we did the Digby Neck years ago (on our first Nova Scotian stay). As house sitters, we had to vacate one month out of the year - and that year we went to Digby and hung out at the Lions' campground just up from the Ferry. What a fabulous area!

We haven't been back since returning to Nova Scotia - but it's on my list. And the Balancing Rock is so spectacular, it's worth a second trip :)

Frosty Duncan said...


aliceinparis said...

I've been there too. so COOL!
Actually we nearly gave my mum a heart attack by jumping out of the bushes on that trail to surprise her. It's a long story:) I'll have to explain why, someday.

Judy said...

The balancing rock is awesome! Well worth the detour. Can't wait to see stage 2 of your journey.
Oh, and I wish we had met your dogs.
Next time, I hope.

Loth said...

Now, Digby Neck is one bit of NS we haven't managed to get to yet. Hmmmmm.......(starts making notes in her planner for next year.....)