Monday, July 5, 2010

Nature Report

I have very, very exciting news to report! My last post (Friday) described our misguided attempts to rescue a Northern Flicker fledgling. I put the young bird back where we found him, and hoped for the best. Today when I was outside checking the hummingbird feeders, I heard a bird call that I hadn't heard before. I looked around and spotted something at the top of one of our hydro poles. I rushed in the house to get the binoculars, and you'll never guess what I saw...not one, not two, not three....but FOUR Northern Flicker juveniles all at the top of the hydro pole. I think they came by to say thanks :)
By the time I got my camera out, they flew away (they are not very graceful flyers yet) but I got a distant shot of this guy on the ground. I was thrilled to see them all (before this year, we hadn't seen any Northern Flickers at our Nova Scotia home...we had them in Ontario). So, it is a very happy ending to our rescue story.Yesterday, we visited G and DIL at their lakeside home...they have their share of wildlife too. The ducks swam by to say hello when Miss M and her friend were swimming. The resident bunny visited too. A Luna Moth was hanging out on the front lamp post...And something we have never seen before now......a hummingbird moth! I took lots of photos of this guy...he was about 1 1/2 inches long and sounded like a hummer if you got close. DIL did an internet search to find out what he was. According to the internet, these guys are only found in Europe. Maybe we have discovered the first North American hummingbird moth? But no, I think not. Other internet sites from North America mention these little flying creatures. They are very cool!

Miss M and her friend gathered up some water lilies for us to take home to our little garden pond. They were closed when we came home but have opened nicely.And this guy says "thanks Miss M"!
And this concludes the nature report from the south shore of Nova Scotia!

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Janet said...

Very cool - I have two of the Northern Flickers hanging out at my house, Sara. I didn't know what they were (not a big 'birder'); so thanks for sharing your story and putting a name to my birds.

The hummingbird moth is very cool!

We had two fawns (very young) frolicking on our front grass this past weekend! I watched them from my office window - so close, so beautiful :)