Monday, July 19, 2010

Eastern Shore - Day 2

Day 2 of our mini vacation had us heading farther up the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Another day of fog, rain, and fog. I'm sure that the people who live in that part of NS would disagree, and my opinion might have been swayed by the weather, but it seemed a very isolated part of the province (this said by a person who lives "in the middle of nowhere"). It was still a great day...both of us love "going for a drive".
We ended the day by rounding up towards the Nothern Shore...we passed the Canso Causeway (the link to Cape Breton Island) and John listened to me whine because we weren't crossing over. Cape Breton is one of my favourite places in the, love, love it there. But we're saving that for another trip.
For our second night, we stopped at a place just outside of Antigonish...a string of little cottages. Unfortunately, there was an accident on the highway which had all the highway traffic re-routed directly in front of where we were staying. After a wonderful dinner in Antigonish, we settled down in our cabin for a very, very loud night's sleep. The topper that sent me into a fitful of hysterical giggles was when a train went sounded like it was going to come right through the cabin. I resigned myself to a night of no sleep, but thankfully the traffic got routed back to the highway and there were no more trains!
I'll try to post some photos from Day 3 tomorrow...proving that we can actually travel in the sunshine.


Lisa said...

I enjoy reading your blog!

We moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario in 2007 and live in Antigonish county.

It seems that while you were exploring this end of our new province, we were exploring the southern side! My pictures were mostly of fog too ;)

Karen said...

Even in heavy fog it's beautiful. What a great place to explore...

aliceinparis said...

Did you manage to get to visit Sherbrooke Village? I've always loved it there. So quaint.
What a derelict building in that photo, always makes me sad to see homes fall into such ruin. I can't help but imagine how excited the original owners must have been when it was first built.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Ahhh! You should come back from this mini-vacation really well rested!