Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday's Tour

On Tuesday it was time to hit the road for one of our day excursions. Which direction to go? We settled on the south-west corner of Nova Scotia. Given that we only had one day, we hopped on the "fast highway" to take us down...then turned off at Barrington Passage and stuck to back roads. Our starting place was going to be Cape Sable Island, but we travelled a bit farther down the road...around up the south-west corner and stopped in Woods Harbour.I love the bright buoys on the fishing boats. The wind was blowing so hard that, believe it or not, it was difficult to get a perfectly focused photo!Our next brief stop was in Shag Harbour...home of the 1967 UFO Incident. Below is the gazebo with an information sign posted:"The Shag Harbour UFO Incident occurred during the night of October 4, 1967. Several local residents reported seeing something in the air that night over waters off Shag Harbour and believed the object crashed into the water.
The sighting was reported to the local RCMP who responded to the scene near the Moss Plant in Shag Harbour. In spite of searching the area into the early morning hours, no evidence of any craft was found.
The incident was witnessed by many local people and recorded or reported by the RCMP, The Royal Canadian Air Force and The Rescue Coordination Centre.
A book titled "Dark Object" has been written about the incident and a commemorative stamp has been issued by the Shag Harbour Post Office."

There is a museum dedicated to this event, but we didn't stop there...I'm not much of a museum person. We headed back towards Cape Sable Island, and stopped for lunch (fish and chips for me, a hot lobster sandwich and fries for John). When we got into the car to leave, I noticed something strange in the garbage cans behind the restaurant. A seagull had landed in one of the bins, but was stuck....his head popping out periodically as he tried to hoist himself out of the can. He couldn't get his wings out far enough for lift off. After a quick debate, I hopped out of the car and went over to see if I could help. I tipped the bin gently sideways, and the seagull slid out...flew off without a backwards glance. My good deed for the day.

We did the loop around the whole island (route 330) and stopped at a beach to let the dogs out (yes, we brought "the girls" with us on our adventure).They had to stay on leash, despite the fact that no one else was around. Many of the Nova Scotia beaches are nesting areas for Piping Plovers...a shore bird. Piping Plovers and their habitat are protected by the Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act. Here is the information from the sign posted:
Piping Plovers, a small shorebird, use this beach for nesting between mid-April and August. Disturbance by people, vehicles and pets on beaches can destroy eggs, cause nest failure and kill chicks. Please do your part to protect the plovers and the beach during the nesting period:
- Stay away from nest sites identified by signs
- Walk as close to the water's edge as possible
- Vehicles, bicycles and horses are prohibited on the beach during the nesting period
- Pets must be on a leash at all times
- Don't litter

Look at the colour of the water!I was intrigued by the remains from an old wharf and took a few pictures while John kept the dogs on the path in the sand dunes.Time to get on the road again...Back on Hwy 3 to route 309...the loop through Port La Tour, West Baccaro, up to Port Clyde and around another shore loop, stopping at the Roseway Beach. We had stopped here last fall, but it was dusk and we didn't get a chance to walk the beach...something I had to rectify!It was low tide, so there was sandy beach practically as far as we could see. And not a sound except the waves coming into shore. Heaven.By this time, it was getting late. I would have loved to continue driving the back roads towards home, but that would have taken hours and hours. We hopped back on the main highway (103) and headed home...a 1 1/h hour drive.

As always, I ended the day thinking how lucky we are to live this lifestyle! What could be better than this?


Janet said...

I definitely have to explore more of the south-west (only having been as far as Shelburne). Your pics are fabulous and surprisingly the waves are not that big (the wind here, therefore the water, was horrendous on Tuesday). So many places to see - so little time.

BTW - my friends from the Prairies took my 'Beach Tour' that I had prepared for them and they loved it. They found beach glass and sand dollars - and the day was perfect (Wed); they couldn't believe the province was so beautiful! I think they'll be back :)

Anonymous said...

I had goose bumps reading the end of your blog.
And huge thumbs up for the beginning.
You're such good citizens keeping the dogs on leash!
We were piping piper vounteers when we were there.
We enjoyed wathcing the chicks(by binoculars) before they fledged(took flight). They're such a pretty little bird--especially if you like subtle colours.