Monday, June 14, 2010

an outing for sand dollars

Our granddaughter, Miss M, has been on a mission to find some sand dollars for quite some time now. Her mom, DIL, and I even stooped so low as to bid on a jar of sand dollars at an auction we were at recently....something that should not be necessary when you live in Nova Scotia!

So when G, DIL, and Miss M visited us on the weekend and Miss M asked where the best beach for finding sand dollars was....we just had to head out to Carter's Beach. The last time John and I went to Carter's was last summer (I am asking myself as I type this why, why, why don't we go more often?). From our place, it's a little more than one hour on the "fast highway" to get there. I think it's one of those secrets kept from's not on any map that I've seen. In order to find the beach originally, John and I actually had to stop at a tourist information centre and ask for directions.

Saturday was overcast, but quite warm and there were more people at the beach than we've ever seen there before. The road ends at the beach, and there is no parking lot, so parking might be a challenge if there's more than 10 cars. The beach had completely changed since last year, a result of the huge storm we had last summer. The dune from the photo on last year's post (3rd down) with our dog Mulligan doesn't exist any more. But the beach is still beautiful...and very, very long.A lovely long walk for finding sand dollars. Here is our crew (from left to right -- DIL, G, Miss M, John, and me):We had warned Miss M that we might not find any. Ha! That girl will go through life thinking that sand dollars are everywhere.

So, what exactly is a sand dollar anyway? Here's a link to a brief description and legend of the sand dollar.

Now we have our own jars of sand dollars (there were so many, I got to collect some too!) and don't need to outbid someone at an auction for a jar!


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...what a neat beach and boy you guys found a bounty of sand dollars! i can't wait to visit carter's beach...xoxo, mickey

Janet said...

Wow - I was going to suggest another beach (named "Sand Dollar Beach" by the locals), but obviously you found a bevy of the shells!

Now, I am curious to know where Carter's Beach is. I don't think I've heard of anyone speaking about it.

So glad you granddaughter found her sand dollars :)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

How wonderful to find so many. Carter's Beach is my destination this weekend (weather permitting!). It's my Mexican daughter's last weekend with us, so I want to take her there to prove that we have beaches with white sand.

(PS - Can you send me directions via my email please? I think you did before, but it may have been on my old computer that went kaput!)

Thanks Sara.

flandrumhill said...

Sara, that is A LOT of sand dollars. My sons often see beds of them while scuba diving, but I seldom see them on the beaches here unless I'm at Martinique. Each one is a such a wonder isn't it?

Loth said...

Oh I love Carter's Beach! I am sitting her in my slightly cold Edinburgh living room looking at the sand dollars we collected there last year and smuggled back to Scotland. Sigh. 14 days to go and counting.....! (You did leave some for us didn't you?)

martha brown said...

What a great haul! I love Carters Beach! Unfortunately I won't be down east this summer :(

sybil said...

OK. I'll add Carter's to my list for a mid-week September visit up for another visit ?