Monday, June 21, 2010

new additions to the family

Local legend around here says that guinea fowl help reduce the number of bugs on your property...specifically locals use guineas to help eliminate ticks. When we moved here two years ago, we immediately raised some guineas from day old keets but our numbers have been dwindling and we were down to five guineas this spring. I saw an ad in the local paper in April and ordered 8 keets. They were finally ready to be picked up last week, and as luck would have it, our granddaughter Miss M was visiting. So G, DIL, and Miss M joined John and I for the "keet pick up". Here is Miss M catching the keets in a net:The owner, Belinda, shows us the difference between a guinea keet (on the left) and a baby pheasant:We spent a lovely hour or so touring around Belinda and Kerry's property and then it was time to load our new baby keets in the car for the ride home. We picked up 5 on Sunday, and then 3 more were ready on Wednesday. Two of our keets are "Jumbo Whites"...below is a photo of Belinda calling her Jumbo Whites by shaking a food cannister. And I thought I was the only one who could get my guineas to come running to me! Here's a close up of our first 5 keets. Notice the larger white one already has his wings feathers on the wings at this point.And a shot of the group of 5:Quite a size difference...not sure what the age difference is. The 3 we picked up on Wednesday pecked out of their shells on Monday, so they were 2 days old when we picked them up...and about the size of the little one on the left in the above photo.

It's been a busy week with the 8 new additions. More guinea stories tomorrow.

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