Thursday, June 24, 2010

An afternoon in Broad Cove

Yesterday we had an errand to run in Lunenburg. So we popped the dogs in the car (as usual) and off we went. Once we were done in Lunenburg, we took the Lighthouse Route to the LaHave cable ferry. We ferried across the LaHave in the fog, and were told that the fog had come and gone 4 times during the morning. Here was our destination for lunch:The Best Coast Coffee Gallery in Broad Cove. I have wanted to try this little restaurant for 2 summers now, but haven't been able to until now. They are only open a short time each year, but still manage to make it into the "Where To Eat In Canada" guide.
Fresh flowers on the table...the roses smelled heavenly.Art on the walls...The whole place was a feast for the eyes! The food was excellent. I had an asparagus "fallen souffle" (aka quiche) and salad, with warm biscuits. John had a Broad Cove club with salad. We also splurged and had dessert (but we were good and we shared).I noticed this on the way out:A plastic bag hanging in the window, filled with water, with 2 pennies inside. I just had to ask....what is this? Apparently the owner read about this in a's to keep the flies away from the windows. They say it works.
After lunch, we took the girls to the Broad Cove Beach.Cassie loves to fetch her floating Kong. And...wonder of wonders...Mulligan actually went in the water deep enough to get her tummy wet.
Another wonderful day!


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...gorgeous pictures. i love the water in the bag thing. we have lots of horse ranches around here and you will see these in the barn all the time...can't wait to visit your neck of the woods again! xoxo, mickey

Janet said...

I might have driven right past you today! We (Stitching Group) were in Shelburne today at Charlotte Lane Cafe for our spring luncheon. We drove back along the coast (turning in off 103 at Volger's Cove). It was foggy and rainy, but the slow drive through the villages and along the water was wonderful.

FYI - the cable ferry is out! Cable broke and there's no word on when it will be up and running (big work trucks there today).

Haven't eaten at the Broad Cove cafe yet - but heard it's absolutely wonderful.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thank you! Another to add to my list of "Where I must Eat".

TeresaA said...

I've eaten there a number of times and the food there is always good!