Monday, May 31, 2010

Thar She Blows

Although I believe the expression "thar she blows" refers to a whale blowing water, I keep thinking of the expression today. It is windy! I didn't think our shed builders would show up today, it is that windy. But they are here and the walls are going up today. (they finished all the framing last week).Irises in the garden

It has been too windy to take photos of the flowers around here...something I've been itching to do. There are lots of wild flowers popping out in the forest down our driveway...pitcher plants, mayflowers, and the like. Last week, on our morning walk for the paper, what did we see?A baby fawn all curled up at the side of the driveway....smaller than my dogs. We stopped and quietly watched...then I turned the girls around and we ran, ran, ran all the way back to the house for my camera. Of course, when I returned alone with my camera, the fawn was gone. Mama took her away and I missed my photo opportunity yet again.


TeresaA said...

that will teach you to leave the house without your camera. most likely mom was watching you the whole time.

Karen said...

That last shot is beautiful!