Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the joys of gardening

We planted this flowering crabapple tree the first summer we moved to Nova Scotia. Last year there was not one (not even one!) bloom on the tree. The deer had feasted on all the branches over the first winter. Last winter, I wrapped some chicken wire around the branches and held it there with clothes pins. Look at the blooms that are ready to burst open! Gorgeous.

The last few days have been busy with garden expansions. G was here visiting on the weekend and he and John brought 3 trailers full of dirt to start off the expansion. John finished the job on Monday and Tuesday (6 yards of dirt in all!) and now the expanded garden is ready for planting.

Most women lust for new shoes, or purses, or diamonds or some such thing. I am happy with dirt. Bring me 6 loads of dirt and I'm the happiest woman in Lunenburg county!


Heather T. said...

Yay, for those beautiful bursting buds!! I'm not a girl for all the glamor either, Sara...actually, we have plenty of dirt but I could delight in a driveway full of stone!

:) Have fun playing in the dirt.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Beautiful tree. How clever to think of the chicken wire and clothes pin idea!

Where did you get your dirt? This gal is in need of some.

Karen said...

We just spent the afternoon mapping out the gardens and dragging dirt around.... very happy girl. I went to the store with dirty flipflops. :-)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...dirt and mulch...i love the scent of fresh mulch or pine straw over my beds...can't wait to see the pictures of your project...xoxo, mickey