Monday, May 31, 2010

Thar She Blows

Although I believe the expression "thar she blows" refers to a whale blowing water, I keep thinking of the expression today. It is windy! I didn't think our shed builders would show up today, it is that windy. But they are here and the walls are going up today. (they finished all the framing last week).Irises in the garden

It has been too windy to take photos of the flowers around here...something I've been itching to do. There are lots of wild flowers popping out in the forest down our driveway...pitcher plants, mayflowers, and the like. Last week, on our morning walk for the paper, what did we see?A baby fawn all curled up at the side of the driveway....smaller than my dogs. We stopped and quietly watched...then I turned the girls around and we ran, ran, ran all the way back to the house for my camera. Of course, when I returned alone with my camera, the fawn was gone. Mama took her away and I missed my photo opportunity yet again.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


It was a great birthday yesterday. John and I went for a drive along the coast and ended up in Chester at the Rope Loft Restaurant. We had a lovely lunch...dining on the oceanside deck in the bright sunshine. I love the sound of the boats and floating docks moving on the water, and watching the sailboats out in the harbour. You just couldn't ask for a better setting for lunch!

Tuesday night was the year end wrap up for the local Photo Club. It was my first full year with the club, and I was honored to receive a few awards. Pictured with me is the club president, Grant Dixon.

Top Digital Image Photographer...this award is given to the photographer with the top total score in all the digital image competitions (20 images in a 9 different categories):Silent Essay Award. Silent Essays are a maximum of 12 images. My essay was on the Atlantic Puffin and included 12 differerent images with information on puffins.Sight and Sound Essay. Some of you might have seen this...I posted it on my blog a month or so ago. My essay was a compilation of photos from our travels around Nova Scotia...mostly from the South Shore. If you want to view it, here is the link to the YouTube file.And my final award...Photographer of the Year. This award goes to the photographer with the highest total score from four areas: Print Photography, Digital Photographer and the 2 Photo Essays.

I just recently completed a photography course, so I'll have to put my knowledge from the course and the photo club to work this summer. Time to get snapping again!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

23 and 49

Twenty three years ago, my son Cody was born on my 26th birthday. Although I have had many birthdays when I enjoyed the celebrations a little more, I have never had a better birthday present.Happy Birthday, kiddo. I love you, and I'm so very proud of the young man you have become.Mom xoxo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend review

It was a fantastic wise, and all other ways too. John and I headed out to an auction on Saturday morning and I managed to snag some treasures. Then we headed out to Indian Point for a mussel festival. We learned all about mussel farming, and bought 5 pounds of mussels fresh from the ocean (along with a bottle of blueberry wine from a local blueberry farm). On the way home, we stopped in Mahone Bay for fresh bread and asparagus. All that made for a lovely feast on Saturday evening!

Sunday was spent gardening. John cut the grass (a four hour job!) and I planted this year's veggie garden...a project called "feed the deer" last year. We'll see what happens this year. I started work on a new window project. More on that in the coming weeks.

Monday was another great day....another couple of hours in my studio (once I get going, it's sort of a fixation. The trouble for me is always getting started...then I don't want to stop!). Yesterday afternoon, I headed out on a photo hunt with fellow photographer Teresa. Here is one of my favorite locations...a fishing shed in Stonehurst. Gotta love that red! Today is the first day of a shed building project at our place. Tonight is the wind up dinner for the photo club. Lots going on!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Me time

This photo was taken several years ago, when we lived in Ontario.

The last couple of weeks have been a whirl wind of hospital visits (John: knee surgery and subsequent physio) and family visits (6 days of kids & grandkids - wonderful!) and lots and lots of driving for me. John usually drives 99.9% of the time and I get to sight see and day dream. I'm not such a fan of driving and haven't enjoyed my new job as official family driver.

So...there has been no time for photo taking. Or garden making (on my to do list this weekend is the veggie garden...have to supply the local deer with something to eat!). Or dog walking on the beach (if John's knee doesn't heal soon I'll be taking the girls on my own to get my beach fix). The other thing I haven't done in ages and ages is work on my "window art".

All this is going to change! This weekend I'll be gardening, snapping photos, auctioning, beach visiting, and working on a window. Heaven.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Read all about it

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed about the Paws For Charity Art Book by our local paper. The article was printed in this week's paper. The reporter asked me if I had a photo to supply, so I put John to work after the reporter left and this is what we came up with.

You can read the article online by clicking here. to pick up the grandkids at the airport!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Osprey Landing

Seems these days if I'm not taking photos of the sheep down the road, I'm taking photos of osprey.
The countdown begins...3 sleeps until all 3 grandchildren come to visit!! (oh yes, the two sets of parents are coming too)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the joys of gardening

We planted this flowering crabapple tree the first summer we moved to Nova Scotia. Last year there was not one (not even one!) bloom on the tree. The deer had feasted on all the branches over the first winter. Last winter, I wrapped some chicken wire around the branches and held it there with clothes pins. Look at the blooms that are ready to burst open! Gorgeous.

The last few days have been busy with garden expansions. G was here visiting on the weekend and he and John brought 3 trailers full of dirt to start off the expansion. John finished the job on Monday and Tuesday (6 yards of dirt in all!) and now the expanded garden is ready for planting.

Most women lust for new shoes, or purses, or diamonds or some such thing. I am happy with dirt. Bring me 6 loads of dirt and I'm the happiest woman in Lunenburg county!