Monday, April 5, 2010

Saturday Touring

Easter weekend was absolutely glorious around here...sunny and warm. Temperature records were broken by huge amounts. On Saturday, we headed across Nova Scotia and made our first stop in Wolfville. We spent a while at the Farmer's Market, and then went on a little side trip on our way home. I won't feel weird about having glass windows hanging from some of my trees after seeing this on a front lawn in Wolfville:Imagine having a life sized woman flying in your trees! Here are the mud flats just outside you can see, the tide is out. Way, way in the distance are the "mountains", with fog surrounding the bottom of the hills.We intended to follow route 221 across to Middleton, but took a sidetour over the hills and to a stretch of the Fundy Shore we hadn't yet travelled. When we reached the other side of the hills, the temperature dropped from 18 C down to 9 C (about 58 F)...and it was foggy! This was in Morden:We stopped to let the dogs have a quick break and saw this monument:Here are the words written on the monument:
"French Cross
Tradition has it that on this site Acadians from Belle Isle wintered in 1755-56. In the spring of 1756 Pierre Melanson with an Indian Boy crossed the bay for aid. On the return trip he died."

The wording struck me as funny, although there certainly is nothing funny about the content.

We continued on our journey, with some turning around due to road closures (something that happens in the spring on some Nova Scotian dirt roads). We were headed to Middleton, where there was a restaurant that was recently written up in the paper. Finally, finally, we got there at 3:00 anxious to try out this restaurant. We stopped and asked a local for there to find the restaurant closed for Easter weekend. We walked down the street to find another restaurant closed. By this time, we were pretty hungry with the closest restaurant on our route home being one hour away. So we ended up eating a very late lunch at Canada's favourite fast food restaurant...Tim Horton's. Sandwiches and donuts for us before our trek back across to our part of Nova Scotia....and home to 25C (78F) weather and an evening on our new deck!

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Christine said...

That lady flying in the tree is just too weird. I wonder why they put it there?