Monday, April 19, 2010

My Nova Scotia

I set up this little video to enter a competiton at our local Photo Club. The photos were taken while touring around with John.

I can't view it since we only have dial up internet access (word is that we'll be getting high speed at the end of May! Woo hoo!!) so please let me know if you can't view this YouTube file.


Grant said...


On the blog the show's right side is cut off. If you choose the option to view it on YouTube this doesn't happen. It looks very good, images and sound are exceptional. The only difference from the "in person view" is that the transitions are slightly pixelated. All in all very well done.

Margrit said...

Hi from Germany !
Well done! The video and the song, both are great. I feel "homesick"...


Patchmaker said...

It would appear that your travels with your John and my travels with my John are almost the same travels, except you take better pictures! Fun to play "name that place" though. Great work! Thanks for sharing!

aliceinparis said...

Beautiful! Well done!!
I am sure you will win:)
If you go to edit and click on the html version you can reduce the width and height of the embedded video so the image will fit on your blog properly.

Loth said...

Lovely! My family have all watched this and treated it second time round like a quiz - trying to identify where the photos were taken. (Was that a wee snap of Blomidon near the beginning?)

TeresaA said...

Sara this is beautiful! First off, the photos are stunning! Second, the music works very well. and third: the transitions work very well.

I think that you did a great job. You should be proud.