Monday, April 26, 2010

Memories-Welcome Home

Two years ago today was our first day as residents of Nova Scotia. We had spent two days travelling in a little convoy...John and our 3 dogs in the lead car, followed by me and the cat and a car load of plants for the garden in my little red VW bug. When we walked in to our new home, we saw these four birdhouses:They were created by our kids and grandkids to welcome us into our new home. From left to right: the barn painted by John's daughter Ang and grandson Sir J, The blue church painted by DIL (lots of people have been asking who "DIL" is....DIL is daugher-in-law), the log cabin painted by granddaughter Miss M (daughter of G&DIL), and white church painted by John's son G. The bottoms of the birdhouses are all inscribed:The birdhouses have sat inside on our staircase for 2 years.But this year I thought it was time to get them outside.So I took photos of them in their pristine condition, and in their new locations.I hope the birds will discover them and they will be as well loved by the wildlife as by me!


Karen said...

How awesome a find when coming to your new home. And I figured out DIL after about the fourth posting. :-)

My blog is no longer private, too much of a hassle.

Heather T. said...

What special treasures these are and colorful too. You've shared them well with us, Sara :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd anniversary!!!
I hope your clothes don't get any "gifts" from the birds since my house is at the top of the clothes line pole. For all the bloggers: G painted the white house with the red roof to remind S&J of their old home. Their neighbours home was painted the same way. So they wouldn't get homesick.
We love you! DIL xoxo