Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hirtles Beach

Yesterday we decided to take the girls to Hirtles Beach. We haven't been there in a while...we tend to head out to Rissers Beach more often than not. While we were there the weather changed a few times...sun, cloud, back to sun. We ran into one man and his dog on our way back to the car. Other than that, we had the beach to ourselves. I was practicing my "depth of field" lessons from my photo course.I finally put my camera down and joined John on this log. I realized when I stood up that the log was full of tar (I thought the black was burn marks...not tar!). My backside was completely tarred and I had to sit on a plastic bag on the way home. (it was either that, or take off my pants which I was not about to do!)
The waves were huge and thundering into shore. I love that sound. The water would pull at the rocks on its way back out, causing the rocks to clatter and chatter.


Karen said...

Ooh nooooo... hate when that happens. How do you even get that out in the wash?? Actually, be careful because it might come off and stick to the washing machine walls.

Love that sound, especially the clacking of rolling rocks...

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...what a gorgeous, serene yet powerful beach...i am sorry, but i had to laugh out loud about your tarred booty! too funny...but i'm sure not to you! now all we needed was a picture! i love how you call your dogs your do i and they are oh so precious girls...they know it too! xo, mickey